Steps For Influence Led Marketing For Your Brand

InfluencerEcoSystem Building Influence for your Brand is a process that requires understanding Consumer Behavior within the content eco-system, building awareness for your brand and creating benchmarks to reach the desired level of interactions and awareness.

Creating campaigns that are likely to bring in the results that you are seeking from Influence Led marketing requires Brand Marketers and Advertisers to clearly define the outcome and analyze the impact of their campaigns.

Consumer Behavior

Build an Influence Led Marketing Plan to achieve your campaign goals for Brand Awareness, engagement and generating brand preference. Marketing Plan that requires creating Influence for your campaign, clearly needs to spell out the desired outcome that you are seeking with an Influence led effort that can be quantified in terms of reach, views, app installs and open rate etc.Identify points in your buyer journey that serve as the points of decision-making to distribute your content as well as create influence. Publishing posts, reviews, comments and articles that are likely to feature in the users news feed or content exploration are most likely to influence the buyer behavior and generate site visits or facilitate conversions. Define the consumer behavior change that you are seeking with the marketing effort.

Strategic Alliances

Build partnerships and forge strategic alliances that help you take advantage of conversations and the brand affinity that the users have for the brand you are partnering with. A strategic alliance can help you overcome negative brand associations and at the same time increase audience reach. Strategic Alliance can help you influence audience positively for your brand by tapping into the positive brand associations of the partner brand.

Brand Resonance

Brand Storytelling that builds resonance with the existing target audience can help you create Influence with campaigns that are likely to resonate with the audience as they augment an emotional bond the audiences are likely to have for your brand. Targeting audiences with stories that feature shared interests are likely to resonate better.

Targeting and Amplification

Target your campaigns with Insights that you have for your existing audience as well as audiences that engage with your campaign and amplify the message with key points of Influence with formats and type of advertising you are likely to get the best response for.


Define the key marketing metrics that you are trying to gain results for. These could vary depending on your campaign goals as well as the type of network that you are using for creating Influence.