Facebook Audience Network For App Monetization and Targeting New Audiences

Facebook Audience Network earlier released tools for Native Ads that allow publishers and Advertisers to reach and target audiences outside the social network. In addition to allowing advertisers to reach the audiences in a native ad format, outside the social network Facebook Audience Network offers opportunities for App monetization with Native Ads for App publishers.


According to Social Times, Facebook has earlier released a host of tools to ease the creation of native ads for its Facebook Audience Network and allow developers and publishers to reach users outside of the social network.

In order to help marketers conform to Facebook Audience Network’s native ad format, the social network created new native ad templates, as well as ad-management tools for native ads and the addition of a horizontal scroll feature.

Four Key Reasons For Advertisers To Opt For Facebook Audience Network

1. Higher Rate of Returning Users

With Facebook Audience Network, the advantage of highly engaged users continues as in the News feed campaigns that lets you target newer offers to turn your customers into high yielding customers.

2. Lower Cost Per Purchasing user

Facebook Audience Network delivers a better Cost Per Purchasing users in comparison with other display networks.

3. Higher Revenue Per User

Facebook audience Network campaigns delivered a 20 percent higher revenue in comparison with other display networks and more than 2X revenue per user for Facebook News Feed.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Facebook Audience Network yielded a higher conversion rate than display networks and at par with News feed, primarily because it offers banner ads and interstitial ads.

For a case study shared by Fiksu, a retail brand that ran ads in Facebook Audience Network, News Feed and Other Display Ad Networks, the results were even more favorable for Facebook Audience Network.


The campaign performed better than display ads by acquiring customers that generated four times the revenue of the Display Ads customers and two times the revenue of News Feed Customers. The registrations rate for the campaign was marginally lower than the News Feed and the Returning user rate was greater than that of the Facebook News Feed and other Display Network campaigns.