Key Insights and Trends For Targeting Mobile Consumers


According to comScore The Global Mobile Report, 18-34 Years age group is the most engaged demographic in the US on Smartphones dedicating 61 percent of the digital time to Smartphones.

The content categories on Mobile that are most preferred and lead the mobile consumption are Entertainment and Social, making for a 40 percent of Digital time spent across content categories.


Mobile extends reach for all media properties by nearly 30 percent. Amongst the Top Hundred digital properties a wide majority of clients are mobile only.
Mobile only audiences for some campaigns are at 90 percent plus.
Global multi-platform measurement can provide an exact view of audience reach across devices and platform for better attribution.

Categories that Over Index for Mobile minutes are Radio, books, maps, IM, Weather, Music Incentives and coupons, that reflects that mobile’s primary engagement is for entertainment.
SmrtphcatYounger Audiences in the US spend double the amount of time on Mobile than on Desktop.
SmartphoneshoursThe Top Hundred Digital properties have a high share of visits from Mobile, and as high as 50 percent of the traffic for US Top Hundred Digital Properties is Mobile only.


Key Takeaways For Advertisers

As Mobile Audiences prefer to consume content for entertainment, Live Streaming phenomenon may become big with brands engaging audiences on the go.

Mobile Only campaigns are likely to be the way forward for targeting younger millennials. Increased Reach provided by Mobile only campaigns increases ROI for campaigns, by targeting audiences that are not available through other media, boosting conversion and sales.

Mobile Only campaigns provide improved targeting as a large share of audiences that are mobile only are likely to  respond better to the user experience provided by mobile only campaigns. Advertisers can therefore provide a more personalized experience, engaging audiences through the buyer journey.

Introducing Mobile eCommerce experience similar to Google introducing “Buy” button and Facebook working on storefronts, may be the way forward to increase revenue from mobile shoppers.

Mobile only campaigns can help optimize campaigns with automated bidding, helping improve ROI for campaigns.

As the context for Mobile only centers around entertainment and social, Advertisers can create content that is entertaining and at the same time shareworthy.

As the Mobile audiences tend to be younger, brands targeting younger audiences are more likely to engage them on Mobile with the time spent on Mobile is almost double the time spent on Desktop.