Ten Content Marketing Tactics For Mobile Consumer Engagement

With nearly 50 percent of visits for the Top Hundred Digital  properties being Mobile Only, Content Marketing for the Younger audiences requires  Mobile Only Content Approach.


Entertainment and Social are the most viewed content category by the mobile audiences. For publishers  in the entertainment vertical, reaching the mobile consumer with Apps can prove to bring a positive revenue stream both with paid for subscription and app monetization revenue. Page Posts with Links and Video on Facebook are some of the more popular formats for engaging mobile users, here are a few examples of brand posts that are ideal for mobile consumer engagement.

Energize your posts with attention grabbing situations. As Facebook Algorithm works on recency and affinity, it is important that your content marketing efforts grab the attention of the mobile user and encourage audiences to interact with your brand.

Generate Brand Awareness prior to launch with Content Marketing blitz and announce the launch with rich media images and product visuals on the social network preferred by your mobile audience.

Engage Audiences with Facebook Mobile News Feed Ads for awareness and Ad Recall. Go beyond the emotional pitch giving latitude to the audience.

Encourage audiences to participate by setting up contests that encourage audiences to share and create a buzz for your campaign. Use a Collage of Images for engagement and include a live streaming sequel for audiences to return to your account.

Use your Brand mnemonics for theme related advertising.

Create posts that enhance your product visuals in a setting that audiences find pleasant and relatable.

Ask a simple Question to engage audiences with visuals that inspire the audience look forward to the answer.

Include a Game in your Social Media post linked to a coupon or personalized offer such as unlocking of rewards.

Contests are a fun way to engage and create mobile user engagement. Launch Brand Contests every Quarter or at a regular interval to engage users and refresh the connect with mobile audience.

Music streaming exclusives engage the mobile user as Music is one of the high engagement verticals along with discounts, coupons and incentives.