Five Unique Ways For Retargeting With AdWords Campaigns

Google shopping
Retargeting With Product Listing Ads

Google PLAs are now available with a “Buy Now” option and select retailers can use the option to retarget audiences that have engaged with brand’s advertising by offering a Click-To-Buy option that comes with the newly rolled out Ads.

That ad will lead to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google, where the shoppers are required to add their payment information that can be used for future transactions.

Google has rolled out a Conversation Search feature that according to the AdWords blog:

“On searches for the top-rated products, such as “Best women’s Nike running shoes,” we’re starting to show newly-designed shopping ads with authoritative rankings and product ratings. The new design is so helpful to those specific users that we’ve seen click-through-rate increases of up to 11 percent for retailers for these queries.Product queries that include “reviews” or “recommendations” are also increasingly common, so we’re showing new product review cards with product ratings and snippets from the most useful reviews from around the web. Finally, shoppers who want to learn more about a product’s features, like the resolution of the camera they’re considering purchasing, may now see a product attribute card with the most relevant information.”

Retargeting With Google Play Ads

Advertisers using AdWords can Retarget audiences with Google Play Music Ad Inventory with an Ad campaign linked to Keywords that can be set up on Google Display Network. Advertisers have access to engaging Ad units and can retarget audiences that have shown interest in your Products.

This Google Play Ads inventory is available through the Google Display Network (GDN), which gives advertisers’ access to  TrueView video ads and Lightbox ads that are optimized for Mobile.

In addition to retargeting audiences with a search campaign, you could promote your app by linking your AdWords account to Google Play.

Remarketing lists will be auto created for you, allowing you to create app engagement campaigns targeting people who have used your app“.


Remarketing List Search Ads

RLSA is effective in targeting your site visitors and can help you bring down Cost of Acquisition. Here are some ways shared by Google that can help you build new Audiences for remarketing.

RLSA is easy to set up with Instant Activation. Within the Admin tab,  click Property, then Tracking Info, and finally Data Collection. Ensure that Remarketing is set to ‘ON.’

Once the setting is enabled,the eligible audiences are available in RLSA.

Building Audiences

To create new audiences, there are three ways to get started. 
First, you can create a new audience using the Audience builder in the remarketing section of the Admin tab. Make sure you select the relevant AdWords account to share your audience with for remarketing.

If you have an existing segment you’d like to turn into an audience, simply click on the segment options and select “Build Audience” right from within reporting. This option will take you directly to the audience builder as above.  


Finally, you can get started quickly and easily by importing audiences from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.
Activating audiences in AdWords
Once you have shared an audience with AdWords, it will appear instantly in your AdWords Shared Library and will show eligible users in the column List size (Google search).  Keep in mind that an audience must accumulate a minimum of 1,000 users before you can use it for remarketing on Google Search. To get started, follow the instructions in the AdWords Help Center

YouTube TrueView Shopping Video Ads 

True View Ads InStream now feature product cards in Shopping Video Ads, that allow you to add product information highlighting key points in the advert such as price, offer and CTA. Using the Product Cards can help you get your offer noticed by the right audience boosting response for the offer. You can use YouTube Video for remarketing by selecting the Video Tab in AdWords.



Referral Links URL

To match the adverts to the buyer journey Referral Links URL can help you target audiences at different stages of buyer journey. This will help identify audiences who are aware of the offer to ensure that you can target the audience with the right creative at the right time.