Five Ways Brands Can Use Facebook’s Enhanced Video Features

Facebook has enhanced the process of distributing and managing video on Facebook with customized distribution options and a place to centralize all video uploads with a Video Library.

Page owners, Brands and Publishers now have customized distribution options for videos on Facebook, while the new Video Library is a simple, centralized place to manage videos.


With the addition of secret video, that allows publishers to share videos with whom they choose, the advertisers can use the option for exclusive sharing. This is particularly useful for sharing content with select group of people who have an access to the URL.


With the newer features Facebook advertisers and publishers can now:
Edit a video’s metadata after upload, including adding subtitles or changing the video thumbnail.
Manage distribution options for videos, including prohibiting third-party embeds, publishing to News Feed, and more.
Search and filter videos by title, description and more.
View and manage secret videos.


Five Ways Brand Advertisers and Publishers Can Use New Video Features

Videos that are targeted at a paid-for service can now be distributed with exclusive links that are shared with subscribers.

Brands can promote exclusive content to their premium clients by sharing exclusive links that give previews of events and services that are available on tiered basis. This can be helpful for designing exclusive rewards for different reward levels.

Repurpose your Video Content by Changing the Thumbnail. For any content that works for a particular season or a location can be repurposed with the new tools by changing the meta-data.

Video Content that is targeted at a segment of audience can be made available for customized viewing for generating engagement with Loyalty Program members or showcasing an event.

Brands can now distribute content with third-party sites that help them target audiences for improved ROI on campaigns and use secret video feature for promoting Video with a select group of publishers.