AOL Introduces Modular Ad Formats


According to an eMarketer report, Mobile Video Ad Spend is likely to hit USD 6.86 billion in 2019 making for a 47 percent of all Digital Advertising spend. The challenges for Mobile Advertisers are viewability and branding opportunity in the available ad formats, making for a disproportionate ad spend in comparison with the Digital viewing time. AOL has introduced Newer ad formats that tackle the challenge with Linear expandable and interactive modules video ad formats.

According to a report by Media Post, AOL has unveiled newer ad formats that allow users to interact with the Ad units making for a more engaging and memorable experience.

AOL has introduced  interactive ad units, Linear Expandable, Linear Modules, Branded Slate and Branded Skip video units that allow for advertisers to create branded experience with a modular format.

With each new format, the big innovation is interactivity, according to David Miller, VP of advertising product management at AOL. “We’ve made pre-roll truly interactive, enabling advertisers to provide a more engaging experience for end users,” Miller said on Thursday.

The units will also help agencies and clients collect more granular data on consumer interests and preferences, Miller promised. “We believe that this unique combination of creative and data intelligence, delivered at scale, will become table stakes for our partners and the industry at large,” he adds.

Linear Expandable format

Advertisers can use Linear Expandable format for creating an interactive microsite that takes users to different modules within the microsite enabling advertisers to package information for ease of use and greater interactivity.

Modular Approach

Linear Modules unit which is ideal for advertisers that want to present different features or benefits for the brand can do so with a set of interactive icons.Modular based features enable user interface that is ideal for Mobile, with limited user attention span.

Interactive Experience

Linear Sequence Unit gives advertisers an interactive window to create an engaging experience for the user and at the same time advertisers can use this as an opportunity to gain sign-ups.

Branding Opportunity

Branded Slate unit, allows seven seconds branding opportunity before users can view the video content.

Branded Skip Viewing

Branded Skip Video allows users to skip viewing the ad whereas Advertisers can get users to brand, interact with the ad at the end of the video, prior to viewing the video content.