Apps Lead Revenue Growth For Retail

AppshareMobile is leading the way for eCommerce with total share of retail transactions done on Mobile likely to go up to 40 percent of all eCommerce transactions, globally, according to a report by Criteo State of Mobile Commerce Report for Q2, 2015, based on 1.4 billion transactions. Retailers that have an optimized mobile experience see a larger share of mobile transactions. Mobile transactions in the US make for a 30 percent of all eCommerce transactions. The use of multiple devices for a single purchase is a rising trend making for 40 percent of all eCommerce transactions. For businesses that have prioritized Apps, nearly 50 percent of all transactions are on Apps.


Apps lead the way for conversions and usage in comparison to other mobile transactions, accounting for nearly 47 percent of retail revenues for retailers who have prioritized apps. Apps are significant for last-minute travel bookings  with 42 percent of mobile transactions originating in Apps for businesses that are focused on Apps. Apps convert at a higher rate as the products viewed per user is 3 times leading to higher conversion rates.


The customer journey is Cross-device with more than 40 percent of purchases taking place across devices in the US. As high as 29 percent of the purchases made on Smartphones originate from Desktop.
Mobile Optimized Sites are critical for growing share of Mobile revenues.
MobetMobcatshareMobile is seen to be the Go-to device for shopping for categories including Mass Merchants and Household goods.
The share of Smartphones transactions is at 54 percent with the growth in iPhones share of transactions being  greater than the Android Devices.
Key Takeaways For Brand Marketers and Advertisers

Cross-Device targeting and campaign optimization can improve  ROI with campaigns designed to retarget audiences across devices.

Advertisers looking at driving App installs and App Engagement can target audiences effectively on  Social Networks with advertising options that allow for Targeting audiences based on Interests and Behavior.
Use of creative that showcase a Mobile Optimized site or the App Experience can boost Clicks foryour campaign.
Targeting audiences based on Device ownership can help you gain audiences that are more likely to purchase.