Five Tactics For Engaging Mobile Audiences With Loyalty Programs

starbucks1Designing a Loyalty program for Mobile empowered consumers has given a visible boost to brands that are prioritizing Digital rewards and actively promoting rewards program with tools and channels that enhance the consumer journey.

Starbucks Loyalty Program membership rose 28 percent since the same period last year. That translates to 10.4 million active My Starbucks Rewards members, including 6.2 million Gold members (up 32 percent in the past year).

“MSR continues to be our most important business driver as new members contribute not only short-term increases in revenue and profit, but also to long-term loyalty for years to come,” Schultz said, according to Seeking Alpha. “The significant increase in Gold level membership means that an increased number of our MSR customers are transacting in our stores more frequently than before with MSR members now accounting for approximately 30% of total tender in North America. And our mobile commerce platform is literally stronger than ever. We have reached the milestone where mobile payments now represent 20% of all in-store transactions in our U.S. stores, more than double the figure from only two years ago, and we are now processing nearly nine million mobile transactions each week.”

Loyalty Programs that have enhanced the consumer journey have often leapfrogged the engagement and conversions while generating greater sales from the audiences that are “Mobile Only”.

Five Tactics For Engaging Mobile Audiences With Loyalty Programs
Rewards at a Glance

Seven RewardsUpdate the points earned with an ability to track rewards and the points required to reach the next level, with an auto-enrollment and auto prompts for the Rewards Program, as seen for 7-Eleven rewards program and Starbucks rewards. It is important for the Mobile user to know at a glance the rewards that are available.

Prioritize Loyalty App Users

Make it easy for customers to earn rewards by giving an open choice for combining products and giving special rewards for App users as seen in Walgreens program as it allows for an all-encompassing rewards program rather than focusing on one category.

Zero-in On Consumer Behavior 

Choose the core rewards point earning tenet that resonates with the Target audience behavior. If your customers are buying a beverage each time they shop, 7-rewards design in Loyalty App will work for your brands or business. On the other hand if the customer behavior is diversified with shopping across categories then a reward earning program across categories is likely to perform the best.

Give Customers a Reason to Sign-up

Create a program that will enable app users to engage frequently with your app, by rewarding points at each stage of shopper journey to create loyalty, as seen in the DD program that allows customers to share rewards and starts the customers with a certain bonus which makes them feel they are closer to the rewards benchmark. An interesting way to extend Loyalty Programs In Apps would be to include Sales Preview and exclusive member benefits.

Boost Consumer Engagement

HomeDepotEmbed the Loyalty Program in your Digital play by optimizing digital channels to encourage customers to sign up for Rewards in Apps by offering a greater choice of rewards and targeted offers that will make them feel privileged and rewarded.  Home Depot has introduced Augmented Reality experience in an App that let you view products within your home’s setting and now even allow you to choose the right color for your living spaces, in a bid to boost consumer engagement.


The Bar Code scanner in the App is ideal for comparing prices and finding out consumer reviews.