Search Marketing Campaigns For Holiday Season

Newer Search Ad Options are available with Google changing the Dynamic Search Ads option to automatically generate headlines and customize URL for your campaign. Google DSA’s are popular for categories where inventory management is a concern with a frequent turning over of the inventory.

Here are seven simple steps that you can follow to set up a Dynamic Search Ad campiagn:

  1. Select campaign Type: Search Network only – Dynamic Search Ads.
  2. Complete campaign information: website domain, language, networks, devices, locations, bid strategy, default bid, daily budget, campaign scheduling, and campaign-level URL tracking options.
  3. DSANext Adwords asks the advertiser to create an adgroup, then suggests recommended categories under “Autotargets”.
  4. Each category has a speech bubble. Upon mouse over, a sample is presented of the search query, landing page, and ad copy
  5. Next, the ad copy template is created, the headline is autogenerated.
  6. URL tracking options are permitted at the ad or adgroup level.
  7. Save and the campaign is completed.






Yahoo has introduced Shopping Ads that let you feature your ads by Category with an added filter of price and brands.




Source : TheSEMPost