Retail Marketing Trends For Your Cyber Monday Campaign

As Retail Digital marketing strategy for your  business evolves with better personalization and omni-channel marketing, newer challenges emerge for Retail Brands to tackle shopping cart abandons with a focus on improved ROI from Holiday Season campaigns.

Based on past eTail research, cart abandon results in an average loss of 13 percent of all revenue during the holiday season, and it continues to be a major issue throughout the year.

Some of the tactics suggested by a Study conducted by Sail Thru, SOASTA and Criteo for retail marketing experts from diverse categories, including apparel, beauty, consumer electronics, home furnishings, books, music, and department stores include tackling omni-channel marketing with a Mobile First approach. Personalization and location are seen to be important bringing together content and commerce for an innovative strategy that more brands are starting to adopt. Below are a few essentials for honing your Digital Strategy for Cyber Monday campaign.

Brands targeting  audiences with unique customer experiences, the study found, require a 360 view of the audience to make the campaign more memorable.

Retailers delivering meaningful experiences require a 360 view of the customer enabled with integration online and offline data across touchpoints. A complete view of customers enables retailers to deliver meaningful targeted campaigns for Brand Discovery, engagement and conversions.

Personalize Emails for customer retention

Email stands alone as the most important digital driver of customer retention. Retargeting, which has traditionally been thought of as an acquisition-driver, is now being used by a third of retailers for customer retention. In the age of personalization, email is the most effective channel for marketers to engage with their customers in a more individualized way.

Location Increasingly Important for Mobile Ad Campaigns

Location targeting is increasingly used by Brand Marketers to create campaigns targeting a specific Mobile audience. Nearly 40 percent target consumers based on business location and as high as 30 percent send out location relevant messages.

Mobile Increases Reach for your campaigns

According to a study by Nielsen, reach for your campaigns with a Mobile focused approach can significantly increase reach as the time spent on entertainment apps has grown by over 26 percent.

Develop a Personalized Content Marketing Suite

Brand marketers and Retailers are increasingly using browsing and purchasing data to deliver content based on the product categories. In the case of The Home Depot, the content can take the form of softer messages, like do-it-yourself suggestions based on the type of project, as well as harder sales messages touting the features of a range of products.

Cross-Device Targeting

Cross-device targeting affords marketers the powerful opportunity to reach their consumers with customized ads. Retailers are building in retargeting as a marketing tactic to convert their site visitors with in-app advertisements, messaging and product recommendations to improve conversions.

Social Media Strategy

As social customerjourneymedia generates nearly 70 percent of search volume for holiday season, a sound referral strategy can help you develop a cohesive approach to increase Cyber Monday conversions. As retail brands bring improved offers and deals for customers closer to the Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving weekend a referral strategy cab help you retarget audiences who expressed interest in your offers earlier. Promote your app and announce the new features to your target audience well in time to be in the consideration set.

Focus on a follow through for your offers as seen in the case of Amazon, that reminds users of deals and offers.