Facebook Audience Network Introduces New Ad Formats

miacppFacebook Audience Network has added newer features to the advertising suite, making it a robust offering for advertisers for promoting mobile apps.

Facebook Audience Network offers better ROI for advertisers with a lower cost per purchasing users and a better average revenue, yielding almost a 20 percent higher revenue than other display networks.


Facebook Audience Network has now been upgraded with newer advertising features that allow Mobile App Marketers to reach their audiences with a more engaging Video Ad creative and Dynamic Product Ads allowing for  a more personalized shopping experience.

Video creative for Mobile App Install Ads

According to the Facebook blog post, Video creative for mobile app ads will appear in both interstitial and native format in the Audience Network. Mobile App Install Ads available for the advertisers will feature in a Video format in the audience network by giving the viewers a native ad experience or as an interstitial ad appearing in a display format.

Carousel Ads

In this first phase, the carousel format, available for both mobile app and link ads, will support the first two images the advertiser uploads. Carousel Ads are effective in promoting products and help advertisers in highlighting the key features. The format is also seen to be effective for response driven advertising with its focused singular messaging approach with a direct Call to Action.

Dynamic Product Ads

Designed primarily for retailers and e-commerce businesses with large product catalogs to create personalized ads for their shoppers on Facebook, dynamic product ads are now eligible to run on the Audience Network.

According to the Facebook post, the DPA’s will be displayed in the carousel or single creative format.

Key Takeaways For Advertisers and Brand Marketers

Mobile Apps can now be promoted with a Video format affording a more engaging experience, for App promotion.

Advertisers can effectively use Mobile App Ads for retargeting website visitors with a personalized product campaign with Dynamic Product Ads.

App Marketers can effectively promote apps with Special offers or seasonal discounts to the target audience highlighting the deal or an offer in Carousel Ad format.

Brand Marketers can use Mobile App Install Ads as a way to create Ad Recall and generate engagement with the Mobile only Audience.