Seven Steps To Your Apps’ Referral Strategy

Referrals from Social Media have increased and Facebook according to a study by has been seen as a leading source of referral traffic with referral links from Facebook being greater than that from Google sites.



To augment your brand’s App strategy here are seven steps that can help you create the right buzz for your App.

Identify your App Audiences customer journey. It is important to arrive at segments for your app users based on the value attached to each segment. An effective way to look at the customer segment can be based on the revenue and frequency of App use. Facebook’s App Analytics let you see frequency of use and segments that are using the App post the install.



Identify the right social media channel to promote your App and look at the referral strategy with posts that generate engagement for the app at the right frequency.

An effective example of engagement here is Apple Music that publishes posts and Tweets prior to the weekend to generate the right level of buzz to generate referral traffic driving sign-ups and installs.

Right alliances can help you boost referral traffic for your App. Starbucks tied up with to promote “The World’s biggest date” for a Valentine’s day promotion  to create the Biggest date and a campaign that positions the brand to be an ideal companion to hang-out with.

The idea for the app’s new section builds on data from Match that 3 million of its members use coffee-related keywords to describe themselves on the site.

On Feb. 13, Starbucks turned the stores into the venue to celebrate the date, with the coffee chain’s menu featuring a few special coffee and pastry deals—like a raspberry mocha and cookie—for USD 5.

Promote the App after determining the attribution model for your App’s source of installs. Identify the types of the offers and channels that work the best for your App.

The content strategy for your App can attract the right audience that will help you achieve campaign objectives. As important as it is to look at the segment, your content strategy can help you promote your App to the right audience.


Link your Apps in your Social Media Posts to promote your campaigns with an App.

Promote your Apps with rewards that will engage your loyal segment.

Zero-in on the most valuable audiences to create preference for your app to augment your Brand Strategy.