Six Content Marketing Ideas For Holiday Season

Content Marketing is a tactic that brings referrals for your offers, promotions and brand without any direct sales. Creating content for Holiday Season that is effective should prompt audiences to interact with your brand to deepen engagement  and generate referrals prior to peak shopping season. With app usage on the rise boosting your content marketing efforts to engage app users can engage mobile audiences and bring in newer audiences,

Launch a Contest With Holiday Theme

Papa John’s  created a Sweepstakes that rewards consumers, with USD 100 gift card for collecting ingredients required for making a pizza and sharing the Pinterest board. The Sweepstakes is simple and engaging for the users  and creates recall with Interactions.

Introduce Seasonal Filters and Downlaodable Stickers

You can introduce seasonal frames and filters to engage audiences within contests. Downloadable sticker packs are engaging for audiences and bring users back to your app when promoted within a right context.

Social Media Celeb Countdown

Engage a social media celeb and create a countdown to holiday season featuring your products to engage audiences leading to offers and giveaways during the countdown. Add a link to special offers and codes that users can redeem during the shopping season.


Holiday Gift Card With An Offer

Allow audiences to plan their gifts by promoting a deal linked offer for Gift Cards that can be other than a price-off on Gift Card or a product freebie. You could introduce a Gift Card free for your loyal audiences that entitles them for  shopping during any other shopping days that have special promotions.

CoPromote For Holiday Season Events

Create a dedicate web page that prompts users to sign up for future offers and promote special events that you may have planned for Special days and Holiday season.


Segment Holiday Gift Ideas

Categorize your gift ideas for different segments based on age and interests. If you have DIY content that is targeted at Mom’s or Beauty and Gift ideas targeted at younger audiences, use appropriate native advertising tactics to get them featured in appropriate blogs to create the right buzz. A blog feature or an appropriate social media post addressing the targeted segment can attract and engage the right audiences.

Feature your content in the sections of the app that are most frequented by the target audience with in-app messaging to promote user sign up for deals and offers.