Facebook Updates Page Layout

For businesses connecting with the mobile audience and presenting business information to their audience is being updated by Facebook, with a more prominent Call-To-Action and an improved presentation of the Key page sections.


Facebook has also added Shop and Services section for the Page allowing businesses to create an online shopping experience within Facebook and at the same time highlight their services or different user experiences the business offers to capture the audience interest.


Five Ways Business Can USE Improved Facebook Page Layout This Holiday Season

Brands and Businesses that are looking at creating Brand Buzz this holiday season can use the new Facebook page design to offer improved Holiday Season Customer Experiences by offers special seasonal offers and captivating their audiences.

  1. Create a Services Offer that combines the best-selling bundle from the last holiday shopping data. Find out the products and services that your audiences are most likely to buy as a package. If you are a restaurant you can create an offer that combines best-selling dinner packages for days that are most likely to be a hit with your loyal customers.

  2. Co-promote with a partner where audiences have a shared interest, a good example here is Pepsi and Papa John’s deal.

  3. Package offers that are likely to take the stress away from your audiences Holiday Planning. This could mean providing a free service.

  4. Bring your audiences to connect with your business, with messaging that encourages customers to send messages to your business.

  5. Optimize your menu presentation by presenting your best sellers first.