Campaign Wishlist For Mobile Shopper Engagement

 Have You drawn a plan to engage the shopper at each stage of the buyer journey for holiday season shopping. Mobile Messaging moments extend throughout the Customer Journey offering brands an opportunity to engage consumers early in the holiday shopping cycle. Getting your mobile campaign ready requires knowing mobile moments for your brand that are seen as more relevant.

Knowing your customers’ journey is important to promote with mobile messaging as it identifies opportunities that are present for your brand or app to increase engagement with your audience. Here are some of the key moments in a customer journey that present brands an opportunity to influence customers. Planning campaigns with messaging that convinces and converts require brands to identify those key moments early in the campaign planning cycle.

Before you prepare your campaign wishlist here are some of the marketing tips based on a research shared by Forrester for Mobile Marketing.



 ■ Discover new products.Targeting existing customers with messaging for new products can help brands engage consumers early while deciding on Gifts for the holiday season. If you are launching a new cooking appliances line, you can promote your range to existing customers with an opt-in for receiving Holiday Season offers linked to the product range. Also look at ways the consumers are already searching for your products. You can see how best you can reach them with Holiday offers for their existing search queries.
Explore. As consumers are exploring for deals and planning their shopping in advance, it is a good time to introduce services that prompt users for limited services such as Same Day Delivery and Super Savings Offer. To enable audiences to return to you, plan a campaign with messaging that allows shoppers to add a product to “Holiday Wishlist”.
Buy. To ensure that your audiences are aware of special deals being made available during  holiday season, a push messaging campaign to your existing customers and shoppers for recent campaigns, reminding them about new offers can increase brand recall.
Use. Consumers expect to stay in the know. Use push messages, in-app messaging and alerts to encourage activity and alert consumers to goals reached. You can create a reward points linked offers that allow users to get a special reward for  holiday season and allow them to accumulate points for the award. Push Messaging and In-App Messaging can be used for sign-ups and alerts for points required to reach the award level.
Ask. Ask consumers about their preferences and what they are really looking forward to this holiday season.
Engage. Messaging offers a powerful tool to engage existing customers with a methodical approach. Understanding your consumers preferences about when they would like to receive offers and the also pay attention to the timing of notification to understand when the consumers are most receptive. To engage audiences, with messaging create content and contests that builds preference for your brand in holiday season context.

Use appropriate cadence. Messaging the consumer at the right intervals with location-based targeting can make all the difference in achieving conversions.

Embed a contextual call-to-action. Create a call-to-action that matches the urgency and likely next action for the consumer. 
 Source: Urban Airship