Mobile Video Content For Holiday Marketing Success

According to Ooyala Global Video Index for Q2, 2015, nearly half of the video plays globally are taking place on a mobile device. Content owners, publishers and broadcasters have begun to see mobile as more than a platform for snacking with short-form video. Studies show that more viewers are turning to mobile for all of their video entertainment, from news to episodic TV and even long-form premium content like movies.



For long form video content, 30 minutes or longer, a larger screen generally showed a greater share of time watched. Connected TVs 52 percent were ahead of tablets 36 percent, mobile phones 23 percent and PCs 22 percent. A study  shared by IAB found that nearly one-third 30 percent of smartphone owners in the United States and Canada watch full-length TV shows on their smartphones, and 20 percent watch full-length movies.

For Brands, publishers and broadcasters relying on video for engagement here are the key content insights shared by Shareablee, where engagement for Video Content on social media channels grew by over 255 percent over First half, 2014. Shareablee’s Social Best practices are based on performance of 100,00 properties monitored daily.




Video Posts are seen to be performing better than other post types across social media platforms, driving more shares and engagement. Social Media content that is shared most is often found to help audiences Discover or gain knowledge, helps them relive experiences or shares tips and tricks that pass along value.



Twitter’s recent research shows that over 90 percent of video views take place on Mobile and the best practices for Brands to generate consumer actions across the purchase funnel are captured in the infographic below.




For brands engaging audiences with Mobile video content early in the Holiday season could mean more referrals and shares with content that is likely to create a buzz for their offers and brand campaigns.

Target Your audience with content that is most likely to be shared as audiences of different age groups prefer different content. depending on your core audience decide on the Mobile Video Content for your brand. According to Contently, Millennials prefer funny content, while the older audience prefer a Storytelling approach.

Segmenting your content and campaigns for the different age groups can help you engage your audiences better.


Bring Your Old favorites back. For Brands and publishers, content that has been seen to create a bond with your brand can help tell the story for your brand with a mobile friendly format for younger audiences.


Create a section in your Social Media profile that audiences can return to find recipe ideas and other useful information.

Make use of special effects and sound to highlight your message and communicate the holiday spirit

Use Mobile Video to highlight your products with a theme that entertains while telling a story.