Five Content Marketing Ideas For Halloween

HWNtrendContent Marketing for Halloween for generating Buzz for your Brand need not be tricky and can engage audiences with content that is likely to be shared. Halloween is already trending across Social Media with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as leading channels. Content for Halloween ranges from campaigns, products, costume ideas, recipes, parties and other product linked extensions such as Burger King’s Black Burger. You may choose to engage audiences with an inventive Campaign Idea such as Domino’s “Tweet-To-Order” campaign launched by Domino’s that let users Tweet an emoji of a Pizza or use the #EasyOrder, that went to generate over 461,000 actions for the brand. Emojis work for retail brands as seen for Urban Outfitters Summer Campaign.


Five Content Marketing Ideas that are sure to engage audiences with Halloween theme.

Start a conversation with your fans with links to a Shop or merchandise promoting Halloween linked content. Share Tips and tricks to help audiences plan their Halloween better.

Target has posted a video that promotes recipes that can be used with a messaging that prompts audiences to add products in their next #TargetRun. This works best for retailers who would like to promote content linked to a theme as this promotes engagement for the retailer with a contextual theme leading to brand resonance and relatability.

Sustain the conversation with your audiences by creating product linked messaging and capturing how your audiences feel about your product for Halloween. This can be done with an easy-to-answer quiz that has a product linked theme.

Create a “Halloween Special” on a day of week that encourages audiences to participate with the event being Live Streamed. Share snippets of Live streamed event on Twitter to engage  fans and audiences.

Generate Tricking and Treating Shares from your audience with special filters that helps them create interesting User Generated Content with a hashtag that can be shared on Social Networks.