Key Insights and Trends For Mobile App Publishers


In a report published by comScore based on an independent research with Smartphone users and key findings from  comScore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, the App usage seems to be the fastest growing category for Digital Media consumption, with a visible lift in Brand and Ad performance for Native Mobile Video Advertising.

comScore has emphasized on the factors that are leading to increased usage, and behavioral patterns of users that can help publishers develop an app engagement strategy to increase App penetration and usage for their apps.

Mobile app usage is exploding as it becomes the leading channel for digital media consumption. The other channels are not absent  and provide the opportunity that lies in multi-platform engagement.

App usage is a reflexive, habitual behavior where those occupying the best home screen real estate are used most frequently.
Publishers must place more value on this real estate if they don’t want to lose out in the transition to mobile. A small slice of app users can contribute a lot of usage. 
Publishers must look to Millennials’ app habits to win in mobile long-term. Millennials are the heaviest app users and they spend a lot of time on social media and other 
platforms. Publishers must have a well-developed platform strategy to get mobile traffic and find ways to convert app users.

Smartphones App share of Total Digital time has increased to nearly 50 percent  with 18-24 years contributing to maximum app usage with the segment spending nearly 90 hours on average per visitor in a month.





The App discovery method for the younger audiences remains, App Store search or featuring in the top lists. Millennials Top Apps continue to be Social Networking and Entertainment Apps, except for certain categories such as Search and messaging apps.









Retail Apps that have continued a strong App engagement strategy either with payments innovation or a promotion led strategy have seen an increase in Unique visitors and App usage.





Entertainment and Social Networking continue to be the most engaging categories with Facebook being the most preferred App for nearly 50 percent of the users.