Holiday Marketing Campaigns And Social Media Engagement Tactics

According to NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, Target was selected by consumers for their favorite holiday TV commercial in 2014 , slightly better than Walmart — 25 percent and 24 percent, respectively. The Christmas commercial that has garnered maximum views is John Lewis Commercial #MontyThePenguin.

Walmart created a Holiday Hub for Christmas engaging the shoppers with a video strategy that gave shoppers money saving and timely tips through the holiday season. At the same time it partnered with Coca-Cola for a commercial “Earn It” that engendered the spirit of giving.

Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy were the top choices for email marketing and digital promotions. John Lewis christmas campaign was liked for consumer engagement with a story-telling app and content that showcased an experience.

John Lewis backed up the commercial with content marketing effort making it the most viewed Christmas commercial in the first 24 hours. The commercial was released on Twitter after a huge buzz was generated with the conversation surrounding the new commercial.



As seen for Christmas engagement with online video, a similar trend has been observed for gift cards that are seen as last minute gifts, according to Practical eCommerce, Gift cards make an excellent Gift choice as they entice shoppers to buy last minute, with retailers being able to upsell by approximately USD 40 to the shopper.

Create a Teaser Social Media Campaign and Video Email  that allows your existing fans and followers to sign up for offers.

Preparing your customers for Holiday season with emails and reminders to create an engagement with your brand with the right messaging mix and the right cadence is critical to keep audiences engaged with your brand. To keep your followers engaged introduce a countdown for an event or a special sale day with a Tweet that links a current promotion to the future big event.

Email marketing and mobile messages make for an excellent reminder for customers are shopping last-minute or planning their Holiday shopping. You can promote Gift Cards or proactively ask customers to add products to Holiday Wishlist.
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Use rich media messaging to get audiences to notice your ads. Announce the arrival of new products, lines and ranges with an all new look and feel designed for Holiday Season.
Gift Cards are seen as excellent option for Gifting as it allows for a last-minute shipping and at the same time offers flexibility of choosing a gift. Creating a Social Media strategy to promote your Gift Cards with time-bound offers can help you promote existing offers with a Holiday season Gift card discounts

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Visual Media is increasingly important. Use Images as far as possible.