Engagement Tactics For Visual Storytelling On Instagram

Instagram with its user base of 400 Million users and over 80 million photos shared per day, and with a global user-base and an integration with Facebook targeting capabilities, may prove to be an ideal network to attract your target audience this holiday season.  Advertising on Instagram has given boost to advertisers with  increase in Ad recall; and with newly added features to the advertising suite, Instagram is the network of choice for visually-engaging campaigns.

  • Landscape photo and video to unlock new creative opportunities and give ads a more cinematic feel
  • Video ads of up to 30 seconds in length, so brands can engage in richer storytelling
  • Marquee, a new premium product that helps drive mass awareness and expanded reach in a short time-frame—perfect for events like movie premieres and new product launches
  • Delivery and optimization tools to manage and drive the best performance of campaigns across Facebook and Instagram


Engaging your audience with  Visual Storytelling can be done with posts on Instagram that engage audiences with Captions and images that resonate. Here are some tactics that can guide your Brand Strategy for Instagram.


  • Understand your target audience.For Starbucks , the transformation of Pumpkin Spice Latte has come with Brand Buzz that elevates the launch to a Star Status with the taste of real Pumpkin available from September 8. According to Fortune, “The Pumpkin Spice Latte will remain an indulgent treat even with the additional details about how it is made now public. But Starbucks will likely only gain fans by being more transparent about how the drink is made”. The Visual Storytelling is coupled with a unique Instagram and Twitter account with the real PSL.
  • Post a Video or a Brand Story to boost your Instagram Visual Storytelling as seen for The Real PSL, where a post is coupled with a Video on Twitter.

Cross-promote your Instagram posts with a Tweet or apps that are popular with your target audience.


  • Create a theme for your content . Constant product placement is not a theme. Michael Kors has created a distinctive style to attract the buyers with a stylized imagery and a unique hashtag.
  • Give your followers a reason to want to follow your brand on Instagram.
  • Spread out posts like you would any other network. Post once or twice a day.
  • Engage with your followers. Comment. Follow back. Like things. Be human.
  • Tell an interesting brand story through your images and captions.
  • Take lots of photographs and make them aesthetically pleasing and creative.
  • Promote Your Instagram Account with Links posted on Facebook.
  • Regramming Makes For More Buzz

Create Posts that engage Audiences with Mass Appeal Offers

  • Offers that appeal to a larger set of audiences with discounts, value deals and shopping benefits are likely to ring in greater engagement with more likes and comments.


  • Use Questions Sparingly, instead showcase Video Content directing audiences to a dedicated Video Channel
  • A few brands have successfully engaged audiences with questions. Foot Locker has had some success by using questions in 16 percent of posts, which drove 17 percent of engagement. Questions should be used sparingly and are more effective when engaging the audience for their opinions about an image or product featured in the post.
  • Video Engagement as seen in the case of GoPro creates greater engagement by showcasing moments or event clippings that encourage audiences to want to know more.
  • Use Brand Image that Resonates
  • The visuals and imagery used for Instagram posts must resonate with the younger audience, making use of Emojis and posts that direct them to their preferred apps..



Demographic information:

According to Sprout Social, Instagram has overtaken Facebook and Twitter as the network with the largest population of younger users. Here’s the breakdown of the percentage of online adults who use Instagram by age:

  • 53 percent of 18–29 year olds use Instagram.
  • 25 percent of 30–49 year olds use Instagram.
  • 11 percent of 50–64 year olds use Instagram.
  • 6 percent of people 65+ use Instagram.


Source: Hootsuite and Sprout Social