Content Marketing For Holiday Season

contentAs seen for content that is most shared from a report by Shareablee, analyzing over 100,000 publishers, content on Social Media that leads to most actions and is likely to go viral focuses on Content usefulness with Tips and tricks as well as evoking emotions.

Hershey’s posts generated engagement and interactions for 2014 Holiday Season, with  posts that shared recipes and tips for Holiday Shopper engagement. The Social Media Strategy was cohesive and differentiated with posts that positioned Hershey’s as an ideal gift to celebrate your special moments through the holiday season.

To arrive at the right creative and posts that are engaging Brand Marketers need to develop a positioning for their brand in context with the holiday season. The way to arrive at the right positioning for holiday season is to consider where your brand fits in the consumers lives and how you can evoke interactions for your brand by presenting your content in formats and layouts of  choice for content.

Engage your audience with a witty post for Halloween that helps your audiences plan their Halloween better.

Be Present at the critical time when audiences are likely to be planning Holiday gifts.

Try and personalize the gifting experience.

Create reminder posts that remind users about your offers and products.

Offer content that helps audiences plan their special moments. Distribute and Publish content that will make it easier for audiences to plan the special events.