McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Campaign

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, McDonald’s Corp. will launch its highly anticipated All Day breakfast on Tuesday, October 6, although it’s already available in many markets. The All Day Breakfast launch has been trending on Facebook. The conversation centers around the launch markets availability of McMuffin (sausage and/or egg)  Sandwiches or biscuit Sandwiches, and as NRN reports, The geography of biscuit popularity is not surprising. McMuffins rule in most of the country, except for a Biscuit Belt through Appalachia, from West Virginia through the Carolinas and Kentucky and down through most of Arkansas and Louisiana.  Asides from the top stories trending about the products, the Social Media Buzz for all day Breakfast is noticeable, with over 67 Million impressions on Twitter over the last one day.


Campaign Buzz

McDonald’s has generated social media buzz with posts and TV Adverts that announced the launch of All Day breakfast with hashtag #AllDayBreakfast. The launch ad spots for All Day Breakfast that started airing earlier in October, are from Leo Burnett thereafter, the work switches over to three weeks of spots from DDB. McDonald’s will also air spots from three multicultural agencies: Alma, Burrell and IW.

McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl, who has called the rollout “the people’s launch,” spoke with Ad Age about the various aspects of the campaign.

“It really is one of the biggest platforms that we’ve launched in quite a long time,” said Ms. Wahl, listing everything from taking the Twitter messaging into TV spots to partnering with Threadless to allow consumers to create t-shirts, bags and other merchandise with All Day Breakfast themes. “It shows the breadth of what we’re working on here and the fact that we think there are a lot of people who are going to engage on everything.”


McDonald’s started Tweeting about the launch earlier, preparing audiences for launch.


Five Takeaways From McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Launch

Start with a Launch announcement on Social Media prior to the launch with a hashtag that is  unique to the launch. Post the teasers for the launch with the right cadence and build awareness for the  Hashtag that your audiences associate with product and the campaign.


Plan your Content Marketing; create a plan or Content Marketing Calendar to include the key influencers ahead of launch. Plan the key influencers that will help you seed the launch well in time to create a content cascade.

Cross-promote your message across social networks in time for the launch. McDonald’s has integrated Tweets within Television spots to create awareness for the All Day Breakfast using appropriate hashtags and references to Emoji.

Find the unique value that your new launch is bringing to your audience, and use the right time to promote the message.

Plan your awareness and engagement campaign with different hashtags as that can help you monitor conversations to increase engagement. Phase your advertising across networks to target audiences specific to the consumer behavior for your category on the network. Phased advertising also abets the content distribution and sustained campaign buzz across networks.