New Apple Watch Campaign Humanizes The Brand

Apple Watch’s new Advertising Campaign with six different 15 sec creative spots, humanizes the brand, while focusing on benefits of the Watch for different customer segments.

The Spots titled Sprinkle, Ride, Date, Train, Cycle and Sing, highlight the key moments in customers lives when they are most likely to use the watch, helping audiences connect with the adverts and see how the watch can help get through their daily lives, smoothly.


The Spot titled “Sing”, takes forward the idea of personalized audio messaging forward with a creative that shows the ease of recording a personal message in a personalized manner. “Sending an audio message on your Apple Watch is simple. Just say it and send it”. Considering that Messaging and Apps are one of the key reasons cited by Teens for purchasing Apple Watch, the messaging creative may be right for targeting younger audiences for the holiday season.

The Spot titled “Sprinkle”, has the creative imagery and positioning that helps the target audience get to know how, With an Apple Watch, and Apple Pay, “buying something on the go is simpler than ever”.

The advertising campaigns from Apple Watch launched earlier in July highlighted the core product benefit associated with the watch.