Facebook Rolls Out Ads For Leads Generation

Facebook had earlier announced testing of “Lead Ads”, that are now available for all advertisers. The Leads generation ads that are available differ from the formats that are available through the other link and domain ads available on Facebook as the creative is customized with pre-filled information making the format mobile user-friendly and at the same time making it easier for businesses, brands and retailers to understand their customers’ requirements better.

leadadsAccording to Facebook For Business, Lead Ads are designed with a mobile friendly format allowing customers to reach you and your business with minimum information. Facebook allows advertisers the following Calls-To-Action that can be used in the Lead Ads:

There are six call-to-action buttons that are available for Leads Ads: Sign Up, Learn More, Apply Now, Get Quote, Subscribe and Download.

Businesses that are using information as the key sales technique will find the Ad format extremely useful. Facebook for business has seen success with early advertisers who have reportedly seen        a 50 percent decrease in acquisition Costs. Facebook recommends that advertisers optimize for Leads. Before choosing the pricing it may be important to ascertain the acquisition cost associated with each action that the business wants to offer on Facebook.


Customize the form to capture just the info that’s important to your business.

Grow inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, sign ups, applications, registrations, pre-orders and more.

Capture lead information from people who have expressed intent.

Facebook Leads Analytics are available on Publishing Tools
  • Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  • Click Lead Ads Forms (only visible once you’ve created a lead ads campaign)
  • Within the Forms Library, select a form and click Download to export the leads in a CSV format

Some of the use cases that shared by Facebook are Newsletter Sign-ups, Deals and offers, Product Demos, Services Infomercials.



Optimizing The Ad Creative For Generating Leads

Facebook recommends, Providing more context than you would with a traditional ad, given that you’re requesting immediate action from the viewer.

For example, if the signup is to receive a particular deal, ensure that it’s clear that the viewer must submit their contact details in order to receive the deal.

Consider including coupons or other incentives in the ad creative for lead ads – anything that gives the viewer an incentive to share their information with you.
The ad copy is also an opportunity to highlight the value proposition – try letting the user know why sharing their information with you is good for them.

For Lead ads forms

Try to create a few different ad sets with different forms. Experiment with forms to find the format that gives you the lowest cost per lead.
Ask only the information that you really need – while more information is great, it comes with a trade-off. Additional questions add additional screens that the viewer has to click through – every additional screen increases chances of abandonment.
Keep free-form text input to a minimum. With custom questions you have the ability to ask open-ended questions but keep in mind that any text input increases friction in filling the form. Try providing some options for the answer that they can choose from instead.
For questions where the viewer can choose one of many options, try to limit the options to 3 or 4. Minimizing scrolling leads to a better the experience.