Best Practices For Mobile Email

pizzahut The open rates for email on mobile has increased by 30 percent in 2015 as compared to the open rates in 2010. Smartphones are used by nearly 70 percent for checking emails and use of Tablet device for checking emails is at 40 percent among Internet users more than 18 years old. With the rise of multi-screening as high as 40 percent of Internet users start activity on one device and finish it on another. Therefore to deliver your campaigns for the multi-screening shopper, getting your mobile email marketing campaign right is crucial.


Best Practices For Optimizing Email for Mobile

shortlines Make your Subject line short and interesting.

Users have an eight second attention span on Mobile, therefore getting the users attention in the shortest time possible is absolutely important. With short subject lines, you can communicate the message at a glance.


Litmus recommends, to get your subject line right:

Be useful and specific

Use timely topics and urgency

Avoid using promotional or spammy language—keep it straightforward


Use A Recognizable From or Sender Name

For users to consider opening your email, you need to go with a user name they are familiar with and inspires trust. Receiving emails from a brand with an unknown user name, can make them question the sender or the intent.

Improve Pre-header text For Open rates

Preheader text is the summary of your email message. Using a concise preheader text gets users to know about your offer and also understand the reason for the email. The preheader can also increase recall for your offer by highlighting the offer asit makes for an added impression about the advertised offer. Preheader text doesn’t just appear in the inbox next to the email subject line, it appears at the top of your email campaign as well. This is because email clients actually draw this text from the first few words of your email campaign.

Campaign Monitor recommends making it simple, concise and use a call to action “to make it clear to people they should open your email and increase the chances they’ll do it”.


Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Template

As it is true for the subject line it is equally important to go with a mobile email marketing template that gets the message across in the shortest time span. Using bright and bold colors with visual imagery that communicates the key message can get your brand email noticed and at the same time achieve greater click-through rate.


Communicate Offers in Bold and Legible Fonts


Messaging for the offers and contests has to be customized to communicate the key message or offer up front as the number of messages that are read in a day do not get the users attention or create recall unless the offer is communicated in a bold legible text with the key benefit upfront. You could have a great offer, however, it may go totally unnoticed unless the design and the template breaks through the users attention and gets noticed.

Use Optimized CTA Buttons

According to research the right and optimal size of CTA button is 57 pixels. However for brands that are looking to maximize click-through rates can follow the minimal size of 44 pixels and adjust within the layout.

According to Campaign Monitor, “Place your call to action near the top of your email to make it the most mobile friendly. To ensure maximum clickability, make your CTA buttons at least 44 x 44 pixels”.


Optimize Mobile Landing Pages

To get best results from your mobile email marketing optimize your mobile landing pages for shoppers on the go. Use engaging visuals, single click check-outs and ease of navigation. Remove text as far as possible and focus on product visuals.