Retailers Offering Deals On Digital Channels Are Spot On

DigitalacrivityRetailers offering deals and coupons for shopping on Digital Channels are spot on with their channel strategy , as 59 percent of Shoppers look for coupons before heading for in-store shopping, according to Nielsen’s Category Shopping Research.

Nielsen’s Category Shopping Fundamentals, a research capturing 45,000+ purchases among 18,000+ respondents for more than 100 Categories food and non-food has shown that coupons at 15 percent are the most important influence in the Shopper path for pre-store and in-store decision making. The research has brought forth that most of the purchases for the products are not replenish driven, and are actively influenced by Digital including Social Media (7 percent), recommendations (5 Percent) and advertising (3 percent). Coupons are the key influencer for the purchases and digital including social media drives how consumers obtain coupons with more than 40 percent coupons obtained from websites and email or apps. Social Media over indexes for five key categories as the sites most leveraged for obtaining coupons.

According to a research shared by eMarketer, “Retailers polled in March said email accounted for 17 percent of their digital marketing spending, but 24 percent of revenues.” Product ads in Search is seen are key to driving shoppers to digital channels.



Personal care, infant care and nutritional categories have the highest digital engagement for pre-shopping activity for these categories, with Social Media playing a higher than proportionate role in deciding on purchases.






Brands planning to leverage on the shopper behavior  and influencing shoppers with coupons and targeted offers, creating content that engages the shopper, is imperative.


Key Takeaways for Advertisers and Brand Marketers


Optimize your site to engage segments that you are targeting with deals that are most likely to appeal to them. Create offers that target your core segments with deals that they are most likely to be seen as valuable and timely.  Target’s deals for Halloween are engaging for shoppers looking at celebrating Halloween and deals on candies have a broader appeal. Highlight the deals that are specific to your store.







Promote deals with content that engages your audience. The content that resonates with the audience is most likely to engage audiences bringing repeat visitors.

Search advertising is effective for promoting deals and offers and directing traffic to your digital channels.

As Brand Marketing campaigns position the brand, product offers engage audiences with a robust product offering across categories so that most shoppers find something. Creating Branded Digital properties that offer coupons to audiences on a regular basis linked to their purchases can build loyalty for your brand and increase reach on social media channels.


Social media and digital channels are important in shopper journey, it is important that retail brands target consumers with offers and deals on channels of choice for consumers either with Hashtags as seen for Target with #TargetRun or with offers that are linked to special days such as Free Shipping Days  on Christmas. Brands that are looking at promoting on Social Media Channels for Holiday season can build offers into the channel strategy to get a better response, with sponsored sections on retailer sites. Using the right keywords on Social Media channels optimizes offers in Search results.




Optimize your landing page for special offers.