Content Marketing For Engaging Mobile Shoppers on Social Media


Social Media Apps provide a unique opportunity for targeting mobile audiences given the high usage of Social media apps with Smartphone users. Social and Mobile account for 2 percent and 3 percent conversion rates on Cyber Monday according to IBM Digital Analytics.


Here are some Tips For Maximizing returns from your Content marketing Programs:

Segment your audiences into different segments and create content marketing social media posts for each segment. Set up an email promotion workflow to announce your content marketing efforts  specifically for the holiday season based on what holiday products, promotions, or categories a user visits on your site.
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Whole Foods has shared specific Halloween recipes well in time to engage audiences with blog posts and Tweets.


Develop content marketing and promotion initiatives as early as mid-October and launch content systematically during the downtime between holidays, instead of only in limited windows around the holidays themselves.

According to OfferPop the number of social campaigns launched peak in early December, therefore planning your campaigns to target different segments and running multiple campaigns can help you improve results from Content marketing.

Create holiday-optimized  content, including an infographic or holiday gift guide hosted on a website page instead of a blog, and leave it on the main site navigation until launch in order to get indexed in Google and start building equity as early as possible. This could improve CTR for holiday related terms.

Embark on a campaign of social network posting about holiday gift guides, sales, wish lists, and other promotions as early as October but no later than the beginning of November; budget for paid/promoted social posts to increase visibility and audience reach, especially in the run up to Thanksgiving.


Personalize your promotions, in particular mobile, social and email promotions; tailor specific offers to customers’ needs to increase CTRs and conversions and turn mobile, email and social channels into huge revenue generators. Look for the mobile moments that are right for promoting your offers with push messaging campaigns. Create a Follow through marketing plan to optimize ROI from your campaigns, by analyzing reasons for cart abandons and setting a remarketing or an email marketing campaign.



Use Mobile Video for engaging mobile audiences on Twitter.


Make use of Timeline Contest on Facebook

Facebook’s recent announcement that contests no longer had to be run through a third-party app opened up a brand new door of opportunity for fan pages. Take advantage of it by running holiday-related contests on the Timeline to engage your fans. Ask for shares and “likes” so it’s more likely to be seen by friends of fans.