Social Commerce On Facebook

Facebook is one of the ways mobile users discover brands and share brand posts on the go.

Facebook also features as one of the primary referral point for consumers finding out more about brands and products.  To step up social commerce, Facebook has introduced new ways  to create a seamless shopping experience for mobile shoppers, by introducing “Shopping” and Buy On features.

Buy On Button

Users can now buy a product directly from a Facebook advert within Facebook, without visiting the retailer’s site. Earlier Facebook had introduced “Shop Now” as one of the CTAs that took the user to an external website. With Buy Now users can shop with in the Facebook environment.


Facebook has tested Canvas that allows advertisers to view products from an advertiser in a mobile friendly format, and now Facebook plans to create a more immersive experience where viewers “After clicking on an ad, people will see a fast-loading, full-screen experience where they can browse through a variety of products, before going to the retailer’s website to purchase”.


Retailers can now create an exclusive showcase of products in Facebook for users to view products that are available for sale and the same appear in the “Shop” section of the page. In addition to the Shop section, Facebook will feature multiple products under “Shopping”, that allows retailers who have the “Shop” section on their page to get the products discovered.

According to Facebook, “We’ve also seen that people discover new products across multiple areas on Facebook—News Feed, Pages, and Groups. In the coming weeks we’ll begin testing a single place for people to more easily discover, share and purchase products”.









Dynamic Product Ads


Facebook’s Dynamic Product ads are known to lower cost per conversion by 30 to 50 percent, making it a preferred way to advertise products on Facebook. Advertisers can now use Facebook and Instagram  carousel ad format that showcases multiple images for advertisers as well as use Video in Facebook’s Carousel Ad Format, for audience engagement.









Optimizing  brand’s social commerce initiatives requires advertisers to understand Facebook’s role in the buyer journey and how they currently make purchases using Mobile.