Holiday Season Marketing With Universal Search on Facebook

Facebook has made its 1.5 Trillion posts searchable, for audiences who want to follow conversation real-time. What this means for brand marketers is now the campaigns and posts can be found by audiences with posts on topics that are of interest and relevance. Facebook already fields 1.5 Billion Daily searches, according to The Verge, however, now with Universal search the results will be organized in a structure that flows to improve the User experience.


The feature is similar to Twitter Moments where the users can see a curated feed of real-time events by tapping on the moments tab. The Moments from twitter will be a compilation of all feed including images and photos with a bias towards people on the scene.

For Holiday season Marketers, Universal Search on Facebook, gives newer opportunities to promote their brands for the Online Shopping driven consumer. Facebook and Twitter are a key source of traffic referrals, according to a  report from Shareaholic. Traffic from Facebook exceeds the traffic from Twitter and makes for nearly 24 percent of all referrals among the websites covered in the

Shareaholic’s chart includes 4 months of data collected from 300,000+ websites reaching a global audience of more than 400 million unique monthly visitors.


Content Marketing 

For Holiday Season Shoppers, browsing and searching for the best deals and offers prior to key shopping days is an important phenomenon with nearly 80 percent of shopping taking place prior to  the December month. Facebook’s Universal search can help audiences discover more about the offers and deals with top stories pertaining to the Holiday season. This would mean a new challenge for Content Marketers where the engagement with audiences is with the conversation surrounding the topics.

early bird

Celebrity Brand Posts

Celebrity endorsements for Brands are known to work on Social Networks for engagement. With universal search, the buzz surrounding the celebrity, makes it easier for audiences  to discover Brand posts and products.

Brand Posts For Deals and Offers

To be found with search on Facebook, Brands are likely to engage audiences with stories that surround your offers and product features that are most likely to be discovered by your audience. An example here is a post for Walmart’s new Pick Up in store service.

A similar post about deals and offers can help audiences with topics they are looking for the most this holiday season.

Include Hashtags

Include hashtags in your posts and the screenshots of your video as that helps audience know how to search for posts and also creates recall for your campaign they may see elsewhere.

Create posts with generic hashtags such as #Sweeps to be found.