Ten Content Marketing Tips To Boost Holiday Sales

Facebook generates nearly 30 percent of referral traffic, according to a Research study, thereby improving ROI for your campaigns.  Designing your customer journey for the referred traffic from Facebook can lead to greater engagement, recall and ROI for your campaign. Personalization with location-based ads and Social Media lead to a 5 percent and 13 percent lift, respectively, in purchase intent.

Create Personalized Ads


Lowe’s combined localized offers with special merchandise linked to zip codes increasing the relevance of the offers and created a programmatic campaign where the content was matched to the users for better results.

Share Links, Photos and Include CTA

Including CTA and photos improves the clicks to your site, bringing in greater referrals and better conversion. In the post from Target, an engaging 360 view video format with a link to YouTube and a Shopping experience designed for Halloween, creates an online buyer journey designed for greater conversion.




Walgreens invites users to find out more with a CTA in the Facebook posts.

Create Content Within A Context

Snickers video takes forward the brand campaign with “Halloween satisfaction” engaging audiences and creating recall for the campaign messaging.

Online Shopping

Give links and online shopping options for consumers to finish shopping online with links in the posts.

Cheetos has introduced new bag of bones with a link for online purchases. Using Chester Cheetah as the protagonist for Halloween Pranks, Cheetos has launched an engaging campaign with Prank sequels,and a contest with weekly prize of USD 1000.



Post frequently

According to Facebook Media, in a test for a publisher site, increasing post volume by an average of 45 percent over a week resulted in a 76 percent increase in outbound clicks, 10 percent increase in likes per post, and 47 percent increase in fans.


Time of Day

As true as it is for Search advertising that the traffic peaks at certain hours, Facebook posts are most engaging at certain hours of day.  Find the time that works for your category and target audience.



Add Open Graph and App Links tags

Add Open Graph tags to ensure that links shared on Facebook from your website or mobile app display with large images and other optimizations. Add App Links tags to drive people directly from a Facebook story into your mobile app.


Tag other Brands and People

Tagging other brands in a post, increases the probability of your content being discovered. While social media advertising increases the reach for your posts tagging your posts correctly optimized with keywords and hashtags can get your content discovered, leading to greater clicks, engagement and ROI.

Include UGC

User Generated Content increases conversion rate and engagement. Including offers and contests can further engage the user. According to a Case Study by bazaarvoice, users who write reviews convert 82 percent higher.


Share Links For Products in Your Responses 

As important as it is to include User comments, it is equally important for brands to share links in responses on Social Media, to increase conversions. Starbucks actively responds to consumers for comments on Facebook posts, regarding product availability.

On Instagram brands have included links with like2buy to create a better referral strategy for products and content.