Bing Ads Insights For Product Ads and Shopping Campaigns

Bing has recently introduced Keyword Planner Tool and Remarketing for shopping and search campaigns. The Keyword Planner Tool helps brands determine the best performing keywords for their brand and add keywords to a campaign. Keywords Planner Tool helps you determine the best performing keywords for a location that can help advertisers bid with Geo-targeted ads. Bing Ads Keyword planner tool gives you the ability to determine the keyword performance for different devices, allowing advertisers to target audiences for different geography with different keywords.















For Bing Ads Shopping campaigns and product Ads here are some of the Best Practices shared by Bing Ads.

Optimize Product titles

Optimizing product titles requires including product descriptions in the Title, including Brand Color, Size and gender to ensure that your ads are featured for the relevant keyword search queries. Use Keyword planner to optimize results for the category, including Geo targeting capabilities that help you determine the best keywords for the targeted location.










Highlight Sale price Vs. Regular price

To ensure that you get the results from your ad it’s important to highlight the sale price and regular price in Google Product ads and shopping campaigns.

Create Custom Labels

Custom labels for your ad should include the type of bid that you want to go with for your ads and the type of offer and the product feed.

Optimize Bidding

Optimize bids for your ads to ensure that your best performing ads and creative are prioritized for the time that your audiences are looking for offers.