Retailers Prime Up For The Holiday Season 2015

earlybirdWith shoppers planning their holiday Shopping earlier, Retailers are ready with Deals to engage Holiday season shopper starting November 1.

Retailers follow different approaches to announce the offers and deals prior to holiday season to engage shoppers through the holiday season to keep up with the consumers who are planning their shopping early.

Daylight Saving Day Deals and Seasonal Offers

Daylight Savings sale from Target feature deals that are on for a day. With Daylight savings sale shoppers can avail of discounts for a day on select merchandise. Announcing limited time offers for product categories that are most likely to engage shoppers for their usefulness is most likely to bring shoppers back for planned purchases in the holiday season. Target together with Daily Savings Sale features  Christmas Decor purchase discounts, engaging shoppers early on for seasonal shopping.

The landing page for Christmas gives the range of products that shoppers are interested in for Christmas shopping.







Target has featured deals from the more popular categories to get attention from the mobile shopper with in-app messaging. Target’s strategy for mobile shopper engagement has other firsts such as Mobile Gift cards and Target’s Awesome Shop. With looking for sales and deals being the key digital activity for shoppers, announcing sales and deals early on for mobile shoppers can engage the omni-channel buyer.











Holiday Rollbacks From Walmart

Walmart has launched Holiday Rollbacks, with offers that list the value the consumer is getting for the deals available, throughout the season. Walmart has added a sign-up form for customers keen to know more about the Black Friday Deals. Holiday Rollbacks is featured as a separate tab in the category section to remind customers about deals that are available and how the value has been improved for the consumer.



Black Friday Countdown From Amazon

As a countdown to Black Friday Deals, Amazon has offered early deals with the time of deal availability and an earlier access for Amazon Prime Members. To make Gift purchases easier, Amazon has featured the Top gifts for trending categories.

As Retail brands plan to create personalized offers for different audience segments, Brand Discovery and Offers that shoppers find engaging are most likely to bring in-store shoppers and greater conversions and purchases. Amazon has created bestsellers list and top gift ideas to help audiences with the shopping. Product Recommendation Engine from Amazon, allows users to see personalized product recommendations making online shopping easier. To engage audiences Amazon has recipes featured in a video format for Thanksgiving and a customized Gift






American Eagle’s BOGO

Anerican Eagle’s targeted offer for App purchases for the Daylight Saving Day offer and a BOGO for online and in-stire purchases for jeggings, is targeted at mobile audiences