Best Buy Tests Same Day Shipping

To boost Holiday Sales, Best Buy, the electronics retailer has  waived the USD 35 minimum for free shipping from October 25 to January 2. The retailer known for exceptional deals, plans to host an event featuring Black Friday like deals, on November 7, at 400 of its stores, including , making them available to all customers.

Best Buy is planning to test same-day delivery which as reported by engadget, will cost Best Buy customers the same amount as one-day business express shipping. The company is marketing the service to online shoppers as an alternative to the in-store pickup option in San Francisco. According to ReCode, “Amazon now offers members of its Prime shipping program same-day delivery of more than a million products in 16 metro areas for no extra fee. Amazon’s Prime Now service also offers one-hour delivery for a USD 7.99 fee on a smaller catalog of goods in more than a dozen American cities, and two-hour delivery for no extra charge“.

Best Buy’s new commercial  targets the Holiday Shoppers with “Win The Holidays”.


“Win The Holidays” gives customers newer gift ideas and all services as well as Top selling items. The commercial plays out how customers really mean to buy gifts and are not “Elfing Around”, getting the idea that Best Buy is a place for serious gift buyers, connoting that Best Buy brings  exceptional value.