Key Mobile Trends For Holiday Season

Mobcom Mobile has a direct impact on retail sales and according to Bing Ads Internal data retail impressions on mobile grew by 103 percent for the period ending April 2014, the growth in mobile clicks for retail vertical have grown by 260 percent for the period ending Q1 2015. For the four categories, Home and garden, Mass Merchants, Apparel and Accessories and Department Stores mobile accounts for 15-20 percent of clicks volume.

According to Bing Ads Insights for retail for Home & Garden,Apparel & Accessories, Mass Merchants and Department Stores for October 2014-Feb 2015,  MobclksImpressions and clicks from Mobile grew at monthly average rate of 10 percent. For Home and Garden category the impressions grew at 9 percent for a research shared by Bing Ads, with mobile making for 14 percent of total clicks.

Shoppers use smartphones to find stores, check prices, research products and purchase products or Call for Information. To optimize your ad for mobile, Bing Ads recommends adding call extensions, location extensions, app extensions and sitelink extensions to ensure that your Smartphone audience is able to connect with your business for all search queries.

Mobile Requires Marketers to be Granular

adoptimizationOptimizing your ads for Mobile requires marketers to identify the identify the information that mobile audiences require and the ad copy should answer the query at a glance.

Including call extensions, location extensions, app extensions and sitelink extensions increase click-through rates for ads by 10 percent to 30 percent.



Mobile impressions for retail are growing at 10 percent on average every month while Mobile CPC has decreased by 40 percent. The CTR for mobile remains higher on average with 260 percent growth in clicks for retail.



Optimize and Increase Bid Adjustments to Capture User Engagement

For different categories optimizing bids for mobile, can help advertisers reach the mobile audience and maximize user engagement. For home and garden category the CTR is the highest in November, where as for Apparel and Department Stores the CTR is highest in December. Targeting your campaigns with optimized bids for your core target audience at the right time can help advertisers maximize user engagement.


Multiple Extensions Drive Greatest Engagement

For maximum engagement, Bing Ads recommends using multiple extensions as that is most likely to persuade the mobile user and help discovery of your offers.


Time of Day Matters

Optimize your ads for the Time Of Day as search queries follow a pattern  Time of the Day during the week with query volume being the highest at around 8 pm, and during the weekend the query volume remains highest throughout the day.

Timeof day

Use video In Search ads

Mobile Digital Video viewing time is the highest accounting for slightly more than an hour during the day. Yahoo Gemini offers Search advertisers a unique ability to reach audiences with video in search ads across Bing network.



Personalized Email with offers

targeting with Email based on real-time browsing and shopping behavior is  an important trend with retailers this holiday season.

Cross Device Optimization

Optimizing your ads for audiences with Cross-Device optimization offers audiences an ability to target with campaigns for audiences who search on one device and buy on another or in-store.


In-App Messaging and Push Notifications

Target audiences with messaging that is relevant and timed for conversion. For in-app messaging, consumers expect to receive timely offers with a relevant context.