Hallmark Launches Video Campaign and Interactive Digital Experience

KeepsakeHallmark has launched an Online Video campaign with humor linked to a unique interactive site experience with a theme #KEEPSAKEIT Together. The site is customized for exploration where audiences can get inspired with ideas for gifting and explore merchandise in a story book format or shop the collection online. Hallmark has introduced a sweepstakes that allows users to get the Keep Sake Ornaments online with the contest link posted on Facebook.

Hallmark’s online video campaign has a humorous take on Christmas with three spots titled Family Potrait, Vegan Christmas and Perfectionist Mom. The video has funny takes on situations that are characterized by quirky characters, playing on uniqueness of every family, and how Hallmark makes holidays memorable despite odd situations.


Hallmark’s unique #KEEPSAKEIT Together is an experience that creates holiday engagement with activities designed for interaction throughout the season with unique Keep Sake merchandise. Dreambook that allows audiences to drift through a range of activities that can be planned for the rest of the year featuring unique merchandise and collectibles for Holiday Season.

Social Media Contest

Hallmark Australia has launched a #KeepSakeIt with Star Wars merchandise as the prize that allows users to share #KeepSakeIt Star Wars moment.

Landing page

The landing page for the micro site for the campaign has been customized to create a Gifting experience with a red band on the landing page reminding audiences about unique memories that make celebrations special. Hallmark’s creative and story telling approach referring to candid moments and unexpected surprises.


Storytelling Approach

What makes the digital experience unique is the Storytelling approach that allows users to share their own stories on Social Media with their favorite ornaments. To make the story more authentic Hallmark features artists that have long been associated with Hallmark, and how each artist is unique in their approach to make Hallmark relevant for every one.





ThE MagiC of MaRY haMilTOn COnTinUEs. Hallmark Master Artist Mary Hamilton celebrates 60 years with Hallmark this year. She joined the company at age 19 and has created more than 3,000 card designs. With the exception of chairman Donald J. Hall, she is the longest-tenured Hallmark employee. Her soft and distinctive watercolor animals and angels that she calls “cutes” have graced cards for more than half a century and have been a constant source of inspiration for ornaments.





Hallmark allows for personalizing the gifts making the experience differentitated from that of other collectibles. The Unique feature of add to wishlist on every product page makes the experience stress-free where audiences can add a gift to wish-list and return to shop later.