Mercedes Launches Winter Event Campaign

Mercedes-Benz has launched Winter Event Campaign featuring offers for 2016 C Class Sport Sedans and Coupes with ad spots that stress on the limited availability of offers.

The Spot Early Risers shows a family that get Mercedes-Benz delivered as a Gift with a couple being delighted on getting the Mercedes-Benz delivered to their house as a gift.

The other spot Switcheroo, shows Santa swapping the sleigh for a Mercedes-Benz to deliver gifts with the voice over How else do you think he gets around so fast?

Mercedes-Benz successfully engages fans and customers with unique Instagram posts.  Mercedes-Benz USA placed its focus on driving its engaged Facebook fans to the brand’s Instagram page, and saw a 260 percent growth in social actions. Mercedes’ Facebook posts including links to its Instagram account made up 39 percent of the brand’s total content, which then drove 45 percent of the brand’s total engagement and boosted total actions by 91 percent year over year on Facebook.

Mercedes-Benz has promoted an interactive experience that allows you to customize a G-Class with a customized look and feel.

Mercedes has recently promoted the new look for SL Class that is to be released at the Los Angeles Auto Show.  



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