Top Ten Tips For Campaign Optimization This Holiday Season

FbSocial sharing and discovery on social networks plays a critical role with nearly 33 percent of Target Audience turning to Facebook or Twitter for deciding on the purchase and nearly 40 percent looking at emails prior to consideration phase. According to an AdAge report, Target is dedicating a whopping 61 percent of its media spending to digital, up from 51 percent last year. Mr. Jones said the company is spending less on print and outdoor advertising and more on social media and mobile. “That’s where our consumer is,” he said.revmue





Retailers with an engaged customer base for Black Friday offers, can be targeted with emails to increase brand consideration, prior to Black Friday and Seasonal sales. Plan your email marketing campaign to announce deals early by giving customers a chance to preview deals on select channels. Walmart has released an early deals offer for the app customers with a preview of the Black Friday Deals. Walmart has an updated App for iOS and Android devices to ensure an optimized customer experience.


Target’s  email marketing campaign for Black Friday promotes today only deals, giving a chance to customers to see the Black Friday Deals with an ad preview and see what they would like from “Today only” deals.


According to an Experian report, giving customers a choice by using words such as “Choose” or “Choice” in your brand emails subject line, boosts revenue per email as well as transaction rate.


Use Social and search to increase Brand Awareness by maximizing impressions and reach with your Search and Social Media Campaigns. Use Keywords in your search campaign that create recall for your Social Media posts and campaigns. Using Brand keywords is known to increase clicks to our site.

Your Search Marketing Campaigns, optimized for Cross-channel device optimization and automatic bidding will help you get results from mobile audiences. For engagement campaigns, Retail Apps are known to perform better. Post you content to appear in a native feed format for your website visitors with News Feed ads or use Facebook Ad Network to target mobile audiences within the apps preferred by your customers.


Maximize Bids For Your Best Performing Ads. Closer to the key sale events maximize bids for your best performing ad creative for the category you want to promote. Google recommends, “Identify what products will drive the most volume during peak holiday shopping days and make them easily accessible. Prioritize your holiday merchandise and top-performers Focus on keywords that will drive the most volume. Manage their bids closely to get the most volume from your efficiency targets, and make sure they get enough budget. Create custom labels to quickly filter for these keywords”. Use Sitelink extensions and App extensions to increase CTR.

Personalize your Campaigns. According to Experian, Personalized emails lift revenue per email and transactions rate by over 6X. With personalization of Landing pages, Amazon is known to drive 35 percent of conversions.

Retargeting on Social and search channels with Custom Audience on Facebook, Tailored Audiences on Twitter and Remarketing on Bing and Customer Match on Google can optimize your campaigns for website visitors and email subscribers.

Target On The Go Shoppers. For your search marketing campaign, Google recommends, Increasing location bid adjustments for searches that occur close to a store location. Add all mobile-relevant extensions such as location, call, or app extensions to engage users on the go. Go with one description line, prioritize the most important information in the first line.

To optimize your Video ads use remarketing Lists and custom audiences on Facebook, to get your campaign in front of visitors that are looking forward to your brand’s offers.

Creating a Video Countdown and news features can get your offers discovered with blog features and video posts from publishers.

Optimize your Site, Video Captions and Meta Tags with Keywords that are right for holidays. Including Holiday Keywords can get your campaign discovered on Social Networks and search.

Include Holiday Gift Guides and Offers on Gift Cards in your main site navigation for your site to be indexed for relevant search queries.