Five Key Digital Video Advertising Insights And Campaign Optimization Tactics

vpdMobile is Key For Campaign Discovery

With majority of 8 billion daily views on Facebook and YouTube on mobile alone, reaching more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S,  video on Mobile is key for campaign discovery. According to a recent report in the Financial Times, Snapchat’s video views have more than tripled in the last six months, and now Snapchat boasts of 6 billion video views a day. On Twitter Mobile generates 90 percent of video views.

According to comScore Video has a Viewer penetration of nearly 50 percent on mobile. According to, Digital video advertising revenue, a component of display-related advertising, reached USD 2 billion in the first half of 2015, a 35 percent year-over-year jump from USD 1.5 billion in the first half of 2014. Mobile advertising revenues climbed to USD 8.2 billion in HY 2015, up 54 percent from USD 5.3 billion for HY 2014. With mobile video views trending upwards, advertisers need to look at ways to optimize campaigns for discovery. Video View action is often followed by site search requiring brands to deliver a seamless user experience.

Optimization Tactic: Use Video Views as an Ad Campaign objective on Facebook for maximizing your campaign reach and use oCPM towards the end of campaign that maximizes the return on campaign. For AdWords, try small bid increases to gain impression share.
Mobile Users Share More Videos and Images During Holiday Season

Video viewer penetration on Smartphones is high with an audience reach of nearly  50 percent  on mobile devices. Mobile advertising has a positive Brand Impact making it an essential media mix channel for brands targeting audiences with awareness campaigns. Millennials spend a chunk of their digital time on apps, making apps important for digital outreach. According to Facebook Insights, Mobile users share more videos and images during holiday season.

Optimization Tactic : Create Shareable GIFs for your campaigns that can easily be shared over Visual Networks. Include Sharing icons in your campaigns as well as GIFs of your campaign that can be personalized and shared.
Mobile Millennials Spend Chunk Of Mobile Time On Apps

Millennials spend more than 70 hours on average on Apps in a month. Apps for social networking make for most of the time spent by Millennials on Smartphones, other than the entertainment apps.


To maximize reach identify the social networking apps that can help you reach your targeted demographic. Mobile App Rewards Videos are more favored by audiences in place of pop-ups making it important for advertisers to create a rewards or offer led creative for increasing brand engagement and conversions.


Facebook provides incremental reach over TV as per Nielsen’s research, where  entertainment marketer who used Facebook to complement TV extended audience reach, by over 20 percent.


Optimization Tactic:
Cross-Platform  Targeting can increase reach for Brand campaigns. Cross Device Targeting Can Increase Unique Audience Reach. Use Video in Carousel Ad Format Linked To Mobile App Rewards for higher CTR. Facebook Advertising Network offers options for advertisers to reach App audiences that are most liked by your customers. FAN Ads deliver higher average revenue and Lower Cost per user. 


Multiple Channels Shopping Is Trending

Consumers are looking at newer ways to make purchases this holiday season. According to Facebook data from across 34 countries and surveys conducted in 21 of those markets 40 percent consumers plan to make purchases online.


Optimization Tactic: Use Video Advertising on Facebook and Twitter with Appropriate Call To Action that takes users directly to product page where the action can be completed. For YouTube,  Create a Static Call To Action in the end card of your creative. Optimize your landing pages with appropriate images or messaging for better Ad Recall.


Video Advertising Format

Skippable Pre-roll ad format is most viewed and advertisers designing ads must pay attention to creative that is most engaging for the pre-roll format. Media buyers need to optimize bidding for the format.

Optimization Tactic:Click-to-play demands an initial frame that is compelling; an interesting image gets a much better click rate than a brand logo. With skippable YouTube ads, the first five seconds create maximum impact: after that, viewing drops to below half. To retain viewers, Skippable ads must offer something impactful in the first few seconds.


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