Content Marketing Tools For Discovery On Mobile

Facebook Audience Network

FacebookAudienceNetworkSpotify Spotify expanded the reach for its campaign by 20 percent with Facebook Audience Network ads by using Display Ads available. According to Facebook for Business, mobile apps on Facebook Audience Network account for 6 percent of all time spent on Mobile Apps. Ads on Facebook Audience Network are served in Native and Display formats. Advertising on Facebook Audience Network is easy by choosing the Mobile Apps as an option in the Placement of Ads. With the wide mobile apps network, Facebook Audience Network gives content marketers and advertisers an option for building outreach on publisher apps where the audiences are most likely to be looking for new stories.


Twitter Promoted Moments

Other than Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, Twitter has introduced Promoted Moments, that will featured curated  brand stories that can be accessed from Moments Feed for 24 hours, with a Promoted badge.

Twitter has introduced the Moments that covers the best of curated stories with Tweets on the topic to give the highlights in an instant making content discovery on the go easy for mobile audiences. With Promoted Moments Brands can get their content discovered while featuring offers in a visually engaging format.


Instagram Video Channel

Instagram’s  video channel curated from users feed, can be seen with the explore tab for a topic, allowing content marketers to get their stories discovered in an instant. This is an organic content discovery tool that allows for an immersive video viewing experience the same as Facebook’s Instant Ads.













Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover is a content discovery tool that allows for videos and stories featured from select publishers that mobile audiences can browse and share on the go.


According to Wired, “Snapchat launched Discover earlier this year as a new way for its millions of predominantly young users to follow daily news and entertainment without ever leaving the hugely popular app. Discover features nine partners each with their own controlled “channel” that stays up for 24-hours, including media companies like Vice, ESPN, and CNN”.