Ten Ways To Promote Your Brand With Boomerang

Boomerang from Instagram is an App that allows users to create looping videos with images to be shared on social networks. Here are Ten ways you can use Boomerang to promote your brand using Instagram.

Effectively engage audiences with  posts from influencers for your brand with loops of short clips  footage that can be promoted on Instagram and Facebook . A single branded message promoted through a looping video has been proven by research to be more effective.  Create a Brand showcase on Instagram as can be seen from Red Bull’s #EnterTheKaleidoscope where Red Bull has partnered with Kriss Kyle to promote exclusive BMX Footage.


Introduce an unboxing video clip with a link to video or a blog post. Include a link to Shoppable Feed on Instagram.

Introduce a new trend with short loop videos. This is different from promoting a product feature as you are announcing a trend that may resonate better with your audiences.


Use Boomerang for messaging that resonates with your audience for special occasions and tag it appropriately.


Use brand colors, patterns or a mnemonic in an animated manner for key messaging recall.


Create animated videos that engage your customers with highlights to spark a deeper connect.


Feature a specific highlight for a locale or an event.

Capture Audience Reaction for new launches and offers.

Introduce an App or a contest as can be seen from Target’s post.

Share DIY Content and Recipe Ideas with key messaging. Using text can spotlight the key ingredients.