Five Steps For Influence Led Marketing Campaigns

Building Influence in your audiences’ content eco-system, can increase the purchase intent for your products with Expert Content, Branded Content and User Generated Content. As high as 67 percent of shoppers purchased a gift they found on Social Media.

According to research shared on Forbes,
Consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Forrester)
Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago. (Nielsen)

Expert Content, Branded Content and User Generated Content has an impact on both upper and lower funnel metrics:

Brand Awareness: Expert content had an 88 percent greater impact than brand-owned content and 50 percent better than user-generated reviews.

Brand Affinity: Expert content had a 50 percent greater impact than brand-owned content and a 20 percent better response than user reviews.

Purchase Intent: Expert content lifted intent over brand-owned content by 38 percent and 83 percent over user reviews.

According to  a report published by Contently based on research from TheShelf, Influencers yield the highest return for Branded Content published.



Blogs and Social Media posts are seen to be highest in Influence for shoppers, with visual networks determining your Brand’s Influencers for Campaigns and promoting offers in a timely manner can get your content discovered. Blogs are the second most important source of information about products and offers after brand’s sites.

  1. Identify Strategic Alliances that can kick-start Influencer posts and make your offers visible.


2. Create a Visual Content led strategy with Influencer posts, that increases User Generated Content for your brands. According to Contently, Instagram and Pinterest have the highest impact on Likelihood to Purchase for Holiday Season.




3. Create a Content Cascade with Sharing on Social Networks.

4. Link Influencer Posts to Organic Content on your Brand Sites. Creating compelling Influencer posts can increase appeal for your products with editorial content that makes your offers more engaging while endorsing and assuring the value that the shopper may be seeking.

An example of blog post promoting Black Friday Deals with product shots and a link to the website. Blog Posts go beyond making your content discoverable, by increasing brand appeal for your brand’s offers and products.


5. Identify Key Metrics To Measure the Success of your Influencer Campaign depending on the campaign goals such as CTRs, Clicks,Audiences reached, shares, referrals, impressions and Views.