Targeting In-Store Shoppers With Mobile Ad Campaigns


According to Google, Shopping-related searches on mobile have grown more than 120 percent year-over-year. The interest for Gifts and Holiday Shopping is sustained through till Christmas, in place of prominent peaks during Cyber Monday and Black Friday only.


Target found that three-quarters of their customers start their shopping experience on a mobile device and Walmart has seen doubling of mobile traffic to their retail site during the Thanksgiving weekend. Video plays a significant role in omni-channel customer journey and mobile searches increase by 18 percent  for Holiday shopping on Sundays.

“Google data shows that Sunday is the biggest day of the week for mobile shopping. Shopping searches on mobile are 18 percent higher on Sundays, on average, than during the rest of the week.”

As high as 32 percent Shoppers plan to use Online video for holiday shopping. According to Google, “Americans have watched 60 million hours of unboxing videos on YouTube, totaling 1.1 billion views.”

Google’s report on foot traffic during the holiday season represents aggregated data from mobile users with location history turned on. The data shows the highest incidence of Foot traffic for the last weekend before Christmas making it important for retailers to add location extensions to search ads.

Using AdWords extensions can help customers find your business location and call your business, for the last-minute orders.


Bing location

For Bing including Location Extensions, can give customers directions to your business that is closest to the customer.

“A particularly powerful feature of Location Extensions is that the address shown to the customer is typically the business location that is closest to them. If you have multiple business locations set up for your campaign, Bing Ads will display the address and phone number for the location that is closest to the customer. The radius for the location display is about 50 miles. If you don’t have a business location entered that is within 50 miles of the customer, no location will be shown in your ad”, as per Bing Advertising.

Locations that you create apply to all of your campaigns within a particular Customer ID. Also note that you enable Location Extensions at the campaign level and they get applied to all ad groups and ads in the campaign.

Similar to location extensions, using a call extension, you can provide a phone number that is not associated with a particular location, but is appropriate for all locations where your ads display. Here is an explainer video for adding locations to your ad campaigns.