Ten Ways For Targeting And Engaging Holiday Shopper With Gift Cards

Gift cards feature on top of the list for Gifting this holiday season. For brands promoting Gift Cards, here are some last-minute tips to personalize your Gift Card Strategy.

Link your offers to Gift cards for your most sought after and high value products.

Create reminder posts for Last-minute shoppers.

Self-gifting is a trend this holiday season, linking your offers to products and customer experiences that are high on your customer’s priority for themselves during the holidays are likely to resonate better.



Allow customers to add an image or a personalized message to the Gift Card.

Customers prefer Gift cards that help them express themselves within a context.  Use designs that are favored by your audiences.

Use Influencer Posts for engaging audiences that will find your offers relevant.

Engage Audiences with Publisher posts and DIY Content.


Promote Your Gift Cards With Contests and CTA.

Feature Your Gift Card in Twitter moments.Promote any partnerships that you have for Gift Cards with Retailers as can be seen from Verizon’s and Samsung Pay Facebook Post.


Create an Unboxing Video For Your gift card Contest, Giveaway or Offers.