A Sleighful of Chocolate and Candies For Last-Minute Gifts and Shopping


choccandyRecipes are all the rage this Holiday Season, however, Chocolate is the leading Search Term in Shopping category. For the Food and Drink category, Recipes, Chocolate Candies, Candies, Cookies and Chocolate are correlated. For Mass Merchant and Department Stores Category, bench-marking the search terms to Category shows positive trend for Chocolate and Candy (Search terms), where as the correlation is negative for Recipes, Cookies and Cake, showing clear segmentation for Gift purchases for Chocolate and Candy.


Key Takeaways 

To get your Holiday Gift Shopper’s attention for Candies in Mass Merchant category, it is important to engage audiences with Candy themed Brand content and optimize the campaign for “Candies” or “Candy” Search Keyword click-share in the category. Google now features an image recommendation in search results, prioritizing brand content optimized with related searches.


Chocolatiers and Candy Marketers with a Gifts focused strategy are leading the Search trends in Food and Drinks category. Chocolate Candies and Cookies are over-indexing Food and Drinks searches.


Candy retailers with a Gifts focused strategy have created social media buzz with content that is targeted at gift shoppers as can be seen from See’s Candies Facebook Post below. Though the buyer journey for Gift buyers during the holiday season may differ for segments, Content Marketing optimized with search keywords can get you results from your SEO.



Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, has a Gifts Focused strategy and is seen to be trending in December according to Google trends.


Optimize Content and Products that are right for the campaign. If you are targeting Gift Shoppers for Shopping category then Brand Content that is most likely to engage the segment is the one that is Chocolate linked. Create exclusive Brand Content that features keywords that are likely to feature in the search intent for Chocolate such as peppermint, mocha.
Walmart has identified a clear niche segment of Holiday Shoppers targeting the audience with Sweet-themed campaign. The most intersting addition is Star Wars merchandise that is available in Gifts Under USD 10.




Shipping makes for an important part of Gifting, and engaging Gift Shoppers requires a clear shipping strategy.


Build interest in the category and your products earlier in the season with a Sweepstakes contest or a price-off as can be seen in See’s Candies post with a time-bound offer that was available till 12th December. The Sweepstakes was a weekly contest with winners announced every week.

enhanced-buzz-10984-1449606761-19Recipes is the most searched term in the Food and Drink Category. Cookies are more popular than chocolate.

Chocolate is also the most searched term for Shopping category. For brands targeting Audiences for in-home entertainment, Recipes, Cookies and Chocolate are most searched terms. Brand Content optimized with Keywords such a Chocolate and Cookies is most likely to feature in the shoppers’ feed.