Key Retail Insights and Mobile Trends For Holiday Season

GrowthAccording to a comScore report, Digital will account for half of Retail growth during the holiday season with mobile device sales bringing in quarter of growth, making Mobile a Key shopping channel.


Mobile contributed to a majority of retail online traffic on Black Friday, while share of Desktop visits was higher for Cyber Monday.

For Retail traffic some of the key takeaways for 2015 Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales, from a comScore study are :

Mobile traffic significantly outpaces desktop traffic every single day, including Cyber Monday.
Mobile traffic peaks on Black Friday, while desktop traffic peaks on Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday is the peak day for overall multi-platform web traffic, but Black Friday is not far behind.
Desktop traffic has a distinct weekly pattern with troughs occurring during the weekends, while mobile traffic is much more consistent across different days of the week.



According to a report shared by Facebook, Millennials, Moms and Multi-cultural shoppers are the key drivers of Mobile usage.Consumers on Facebook transacted on mobile 46 percent more during the Holidays than during other times of the year as seen for holiday season in 2014. Millennials, Moms and Multicultural shoppers in the US drove 81 percent of all mobile transactions seen on Facebook for Holiday Season in 2014.