Ten Ways To Prime Your Content Post Gifting Season

Engaging Audiences Post Gifting season with your brand campaigns can help build awareness for your existing programs and at the same time increase sign ups for your Loyalty Programs or increase your App downloads. This is also the time to manage any remorse or customer service issues that may arise during the Holiday season.

Introduce A Referral program

Engaging audiences with a Personalized referral program can help you build your subscriber lists. Post holiday Season referral programs can encourage sign-ups with customers as this is the time the awareness for brand’s offers and products is the highest.

Content For Gift card Buyers



Post Holiday season engage your Gift Card customers and recipients, with campaigns and content, that engage them with offers, contests or discounts to turn them into brand advocates . Brands can create offers that encourage activation of Gift Cards linked to Streaming Service subscription or early bird discounts. An Interactive contest that encourages participation with social media sharing can increase the engagement for your Gift Cards. If your brand offers a Loyalty program, you can encourage customers to sign up for a limited time with a bonus reward points activation offer.

“Sign-up before January 15 to receive XXX Reward Points.”

An Emoji Campaign For Buzz and Recall

An Emoji Campaign is an ideal way to personalize your campaign post holiday season for the time strapped mobile user who is looking at communicating or sending out a signal in a snap moment. Building in the phenomenon of quick interaction can create a significant buzz and engagement. In case your brand is seen as central to all gift occasions, then including an emoji that signifies gifting in your activation or loyalty campaign on social media can increase the engagement.


Make It Personal With Messaging

Retarget your brand site visitors with a personalized campaign on Social Media with a post that features a Call-To-Action as can be seen from Sam’s Club Twitter Card. Creating campaigns that let audiences choose deals that are still available with email campaigns and posts likely to engage audiences.



Personalizing your Mobile Ad Campaigns on Apps could up the Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent for your brand. Research from IPG Media Lab, indicates targeting Audiences with Personalized Ads based on Location, Search Terms, Past Purchase  and Social Media Sites used could increase Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent.



Promote User Generated Content


This is the best time to capture User reviews by adding a feedback form to your site to get consumer feedback and at the same time build the User Reviews in your site navigation, for Content discovery.

Co-brand Your Offers

As a sequel to your Holiday Gift Season and Shopping experience, Brand Marketers need to look at newer engagement tactics for customers with options that help retain the festive fervor.


Macy’s in a media partnership with  Pandora created a brand experience that required users to Play A Wheel of Fortune game while listening to Music. The ad creative prompted users to “Play this game while you listen to music.” Customers who clicked were directed to a Wheel of Fortune-style text game featuring pictures of Macy’s apparel. An ad for a Macy’s sale also appeared above the game.

Deciding on the right partner to retain excitement from your holiday campaigns can mean identifying content publishers that provide the content the audiences like.

According to IPG Media Lab Report, ” Choose Publishers that match their audience with the content they love the most. For auto & travel, consumers are significantly more open to personalization like demo/geo targeting, device targeting, and past search behavior. For lower commodity categories, previous ad exposure and time of day are most acceptable”.

Co-branded posts targeted at Publisher audience can increase engagement by up-to 8 times in comparison with posts promoted to  Brand’s audience.


One of the ways you can engage audiences is by launching a contest with a countdown to New Year’s.

Co-promote With Another App

With most apps offering single window experience, co-promoting with an app that has high interest for your category can create significant buzz as seen for Starbucks Match campaign which offered couples a chance to meet at Starbucks and get a Value offer.Match  introduced a  branded product feature that allows members to directly send an invitation to another member to set up that first coffee date. Using the “Meet at Starbucks” feature, members can send an email to someone they might like and can even find a convenient location for their Starbucks date using the Starbucks store locator.

For retail brands promoting Music Gift Cards, a co-branded offer with a Music Streaming Service can get you loyal customers.

Interactive Content Experience For Activation

Activate your app post holiday season with an interactive experience.

An example from GeoMarketing talks about how Coca-Cola partnered with Mellow Mushroom to engage guests with a unique brand experience. “Spin the Coke Bottle” game offered an in-restaurant mobile experience where guests scanned the tabletop QR code to interact with each other via a series of conversation starters and trivia questions. An SMS Sweepstakes was offered to those who purchased a Coca-Cola product, giving guests a chance to win Mellow Mushroom gift cards and other great prizes.




Update Your Brand Content

Revisit your site navigation, to improve the user experience and replace stock-outs with new additions. The content experience for the users can be redesigned with the introduction of a new LookBook to introduce post-holiday season look.

Brand content that features ideas and tips on how to re-energize and beat the post-holiday blues is likely to resonate better. If you have added any new features to your loyalty program or improved your app this is the time to highlight the same for your customers.

Native Apps With Branded Content

Use Native Content and Advertising for engagement as seen from Lowe’s App. To keep your users engaged, digital content such as magazines with style guides, Gifs, DIY Creative ideas to keep up with the New Year resolutions, Video and music streams hosted on your Native App can be the way to your consumers’ attention after the Gifting season. As seen for Lowe’s Creative Ideas  App that focuses on engagement with Content that is packed with DIY ideas.