While You Are Waiting For Rudolph, Meet Dudolf


You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen,
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all? …. “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, Words  by Johnny Marks

Rudolph has thereafter gone to become a symbol of Christmas Celebrations. What began as a simple question went on to become symbolic.

Facebook post with an artist’s image of a hidden panda with a question, There is a Panda amongst them, Can you find it? has generated significant buzz challenging audiences. The post in itself challenged audiences to find the panda hidden in the pic among snowmen. The post has truly caused a Pandemonium with audiences seeking clues to figure out the hidden panda. The post has been shared 170,000 times.

The opinions from audiences varied with some being quizzed about the Facebook post and Twitter was abuzz with people quizzing each other to figure out where the panda was. The post was shared over Twitter and the buzz was epochal with sharing on Facebook.



SocialmediaMeanwhile on BuzzFeed, a post “The Internet Is Going Nuts Trying To Find The Hidden Panda In This Photo” generated nearly 1.8 Million views in less than two days.


Marketer’s Takeaway
Sharing of Social Media Posts Is The New Breakout Engagement Metric, with Interaction being the Key Engagement tactic.

The Dress Controversy that broke earlier this year garnered  37.6 million views with the original story. The followup, “This Might Explain Why That Dress Looks Blue And Black, And White And Gold,” has 12.2 million. According to CNN Money the dress story was largely the “mobile ” phenomenon as most views came from Twitter and Dark Social, however in this case it is the Sharing of the post that has led to more shares.

 79 percent of Thursday’s views of “What Colors Are The Dress?” (which was basically an optical illusion) came from mobile devices like iPhones. The huge proportion of mobile viewership underscores why technology companies — and, more recently, media companies — have been talking about being “mobile-first”.

In the case of The Dress story, a number of publishing sites raced to follow-up — simultaneously responded to interest and stoked interest by publishing a dozen other stories about #TheDress debate.

“We definitely have a culture of — when something’s blowing up — swarming it,” Smith said.
Four Elements That Are Seen To Symbolize Sharing And Content Amplification

BuzzFeed has earlier seen a similar trend in the Dress controversy where the content was amplified across networks that sparked a controversy about the dress.

Here are Four Elements from BuzzSumo that make for Viral Posts based on a study of 1 Million posts.

Using an Influencer can make the difference for your posts getting shared.

Create posts that combine some of the elements mentioned in the Content Amplification Grid below. The posts that often use elements that are emotionally charging and surprising are often shared more than the ones that do not evoke an emotion.


Include Images, video, and Quotes to Tell your story.

Write Headlines that combine more than one or two elements.

Checklist For Viral posts
  • Does the content have an emotional element?
  • Does the post include shareable content types, such as facts, images, and quotes?
  • Is the topic one that resonates with your audience? Is it trending?
  • Is the format one that works well with your audience - such as practical tips or a quiz?
  • Does the post require your audiences to interact?
  • Do you have an Influencer that can amplify your     content?
  • Do you know the key engagement metric to measure the success of your post?
In the meanwhile to find out more about, Rudolph’s Red Nose, click here.