Five Content Marketing Resolutions For The New Year

Begin your New Year with Content Marketing resolutions that can start your New Year at the right note. Here are some suggestions for content marketing resolutions.

Resolution 1
Include Video as often as possible.

Product Videos are increasingly important in your mobile consumers stream. As important as it is to have a publishing schedule for engaging content on a consistent basis, it has been seen unboxing videos for seasonal sales, new launches or videos with utility are absolutely essential for Smartphone users.


Resolution 2


Infuse Emotions In Your Content.

Emotions increase content engagement. Humor is seen to work better than other emotions. Include a Humorous post in your content publishing schedule.

Humor seems to be a winning creative approach with audiences and as more audiences view content on Mobile, Humorous points strike an instant chord, encouraging audiences to share your posts. As high as 70 percent of respondents in a study by Adobe felt that humor makes companies more relatable.

Resolution 3
Try a New Content Idea For Personalization.

Include Location based content in your campaigns for engagement that will help you increase personalization with user-generated content. One of the ways to do it is to use apps that stream user-generated content with location awareness. One of the Apps that can help audiences connect with activities that are taking place around them is 7dayz. Campaigns that are geo-targeted and encourage audiences to interact are likely to bring better campaign ROI.


Resolution 4
Focus on the Audience.

Include User generated Content wherever possible. Content that is served on a timely basis brings better response. Including User Generated Content serves as an endorsement and helps audiences decide. As high as 23 percent of consumers share brand content for products they  do not purchase and 43 percent share content for products that they purchase.


Resolution 5
Try a New Content Amplification Tactic.

Build an influencer campaign for content amplification in your Content Marketing Plan. Sharing on social networks can improve your content amplification. Influencers help you achieve your content marketing goals of site visits with fan engagement that goes beyond your brand’s content reach. Plan on an Influencer campaign at the time audiences are most likely to be looking for options in your category. Marketers have seen an average of 1.4 times higher value in 2015 as compared to 2014, from Influencer campaigns, as reported by eMarketer. Instagram is seen to be the best for content amplification and content promotion is one of the core requirements from Influencer campaigns.