Video Engagement Strategy – Makeover Ideas, Unboxing and How To Videos

Food and drink, fashion and style, and mobile phone unboxing videos have seen 42 percent, 90 percent, and 200 percent growth in popularity, according to ThinkWithGoogle. With over 20 Million search results for Unboxing, one in five consumers report watching an unboxing video, according to Google Consumer Surveys.

Planning your content for the omni-channel and mobile-first audience for all moments when consumers are most likely to engage with your brand, require marketers to be ready with a Video Content strategy. Time spent on unboxing videos is highest during the holiday season, however, unboxing video remains relevant from summer and spring to Black Friday and Back to School.



The equally popular tactic for Video Content is How To Videos and Makeover Ideas. Identifying the right content tactic for your video requires, knowing how audiences are interacting and engaging with Video content. According to a study , by Ascend2 among 228 marketers, Demonstration and Explainer videos were found to be effective by 51 percent of the respondents.

Know Your Audience

Know who you are targeting with your video content. Segmenting your audience based on the interest, consumer behavior and past purchases can help you understand their content needs and create video content that resonates. A good example here is Walmart’s Video content strategy for the holiday season with content that targeted Gift Giving and DIYers segment. The Gift Giving segment was targeted with a series of videos on YouTube and Facebook that engaged the segment with interesting ideas for gifting.

The DIYers segment was targeted with a series of content ideas for simple to do recipes and Party planning tips.


Map The Customer Content Journey

Video platform provider Ooyala reports that viewing on mobile devices accounted for 44 percent of over-the-top video viewing among its customers in the second quarter of 2015. Mobile audiences that are multi-screening have a different customer journey and targeting the audiences with video content when they are most likely to visit the brand site or creating a recall for your products requires targeting them within engaging contexts.

Video Posts are seen to be performing better than other post types across social media platforms, driving more shares and engagement. Social Media content that is shared most is often found to help audiences Discover or gain knowledge, helps them relive experiences or shares tips and tricks that pass along value.


Identify the Content Need Gap

Identify the content need gap for your audience. Target Your audience with content that is most likely to be shared as audiences of different age groups prefer different content. depending on your core audience decide on the Mobile Video Content for your brand. According to Contently, Millennials prefer funny content, while the older audience prefers a Storytelling approach.

Create A Series

Promoting your video content with a series of posts engages audiences better. As the loops are known to increase the ad recall, video views are significantly boosted for your content with a series of social media posts or native video content.

Promote across Networks

Promoting across networks boosts engagement and provides a lift to brand metrics.

Supers work hard at getting the viewer attention

For the mobile-first audience a video engagement strategy that highlights text creates greater recall and viewer engagement.

Create an Experiential Engagement

Ikea’s Home tour video series creates a unique experience showcasing makeover ideas and a site experience that links to the product feed for products that are used in the Makeover series.



Influencer Posts 

Influencers are seen to be effective in getting your content viewed and noticed. An influencer is known to generate significant social media buzz, with top 5 percent of influencers generating 15 percent of recommendations and creating three times the Impact, accounting for 45 percent of social influence,according to a study by McKinsey & Co.